The mission of the Alpha Nerds Guild is to connect Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders with PTSD/TBI together to create network of support.

We have created a network of like-minded individuals that are able to help through peer-support, gaming, or just meeting and making new friends. We are on every social media platform from Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and more such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Join us.


To provide a means to deliver a gaming console to a veteran/leo/first responder that has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder related to their sacrifice for the American public.


In order to help our Veterans, LEO’s, and First Responders we need your support to help them. Please consider donating, we have recurring donations for as little as $1 a month!

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Check us out on our main group at Facebook. We have several places to get involved – Peer Support, Gaming, Writing, and/or just general invlovement. 

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Check out our online magazine comprised completely of our Nerds! We write engaging content, share dynamic press releases from some of the biggest names in gaming like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.  Our articles also consists of engaging how-to’s and inspirational works for the just-in-case needs!

We also have a podcast by the same name: make sure to check it out on our YouTube Channel.



Destiny Deserves Better

Falling In Love Getting older is a strange thing. I remember being a teenager with next to no responsibilities in life. I remember staying up all night, getting four hours of sleep then doing it again the next day with no problem. I remember not having demands on my...

Pilot to Bombaaahhrdier! Pilot to Bombaaahhrdier!

I was first introduced to Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly during PAX East 2019. I thought to myself, I don't really play couch co-op so it's probably not for me. It's a 2D pilot game loosely based off of Air Combat from the First World War, but with anthropomorphic animals as...

Nintendo Download: Welcome to Your New Island Paradise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo Download: Welcome to Your New Island Paradise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Curse of the Dead Gods, a surprisingly accessible hardcore, rogue-lite adventure

Deaths are common. Traps are pervasive, and evil creatures lurk in every shadow. Darkness is your enemy, Light becomes harder to find as you venture farther. An ancient curse follows you and haunts you at each step. Are you capable of surviving the Temple and looting its riches?


Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2, as well as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Warlords of New York expansion are now available on Stadia

Conventions, Events, Large gatherings, and COVID-19

All the important events and conventions are looking at online alternatives to overcome the fear of spreading COVID-19.

Modern Warfare: Warzone

Battle Royale Is Back The runaway success that was Modern Warfare last year has returned with a new mode called Warzone. Warzone is Modern Warfare’s latest addition to its diverse content lineup. Warzone is actually split into two modes, one of which is a battle...

Rocket League March Update Includes Blueprint Trade-ins

Blueprints The March update for Rocket League is now live!  The most anticipated change is that you can now trade-in blueprints for higher rarity blueprints similar to the original trade-in system.  These blueprints however must all be from the same rarity and series...

3000th Duel: A Middle of the Road Adventure

In the last few years we have seen a resurgence in metroidvania style platformers. In fact, some may say we have seen too many and the gaming market is almost flooded with them. With this saturation, any game joining the scene must do something to stand out from the...

Alpha Nerds Guild was founded in 2017 after a night of gaming. Several Veterans were playing together and the next thing you know we we creating a way for Veterans to reach out through and talk to one another!

Alpha Nerds Guild helps out Veterans, LEO's, and First Responders through gaming and communication; from the pages of Facebook and Discord to the screens of World or Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons. We are a family, just reach out!