It’s quite refreshing when a developer doesn’t overplay their hand in describing a game.  These days we hear a great many complaints that a game didn’t deliver what a developer promised, or that the game was completely over hyped.  So when I read about Zombiotik it was nice to see that the developer wasn’t playing up their game as something more than what they aimed for.  A game that can be played quickly, easily, among friends, just for fun. As it turns out, quite a lot of fun.

It is almost cartoonish in nature; a little bit of mini “builder” and a good bit of zombie chase/survival all smashed into one little game.  The goal is to survive, or chase your friends down and infect them too.  You get to build and upgrade your buildings as well, just to make it a little more fun and interesting.

I love that it’s a very basic premise and designed to just be quick fun. I’d imagine it is just as fun drunk, or when you hit that stage of sleep deprivation where everything is funny for no reason at all.  I also love that it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than exactly that.


So far the only thing that threw me off was the requirement for a controller.  I initially started it up and couldn’t do anything, as I don’t have a controller hooked up to my PC.  Once that was resolved I was off and running. No really, I didn’t have anyone else to play with so I could only run away and build a few small things in the game.  I would have liked to chase down my friends and infect them so they could be like me. Hopefully soon I’ll have that chance because even just the running and building was fun.

From their development page notes they are trying to get it converted to all the major consoles.  I think that’s a great idea because it really would play well on all of them.  I’d definitely get this one for my family, as there’s no gore involved.


When I was first asked to review a zombie chase game, we were a bit busy with the amount of materials coming our way. So the video that was sent to introduce me to it showed a rather realistic game with some good graphics and a larger open world.  Imagine my surprise when I received a game that was small and cartoonish.  Despite that minor starting hiccup, this game is a great.  I enjoyed playing it because it was so different from all the other zombie chase games.

If you have some time and a few friends, this game will definitely keep you entertained.  If you have kids, this should keep them entertained for at least 15 minutes. Maybe more of they’re persistent or OCD inclined.  It’s worth a look for anyone who wants a quick, easy to play game and a good 15 minutes or 8 hours to kill.

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