Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Over the last year or so, Ubisoft has slowly released more and more details about their upcoming pilot combat game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas. This game features a unique system of ship customization that allows for the pilot, hull, wings and weapons to be swapped on the fly, pun intended. The ability to change ship components and pilots in an instant adds a new layer of gameplay. For example, if an enemy is weak to fire weapons and is chasing you, you will be able to swap your weapons to ones that do fire damage. In addition,  you can also have your weapons set to shoot behind you rather than to the front. Also, you will also be able to switch your wings to suit the current situation. Since this game features a ‘toys to life’ component, a lot of people were turned off to the idea of having a starship attached to their controller. However, this is only optional as the game can played without the physical starships and pilots. For the Nintendo Switch version, Nintendo continued it’s recent practice of loaning their characters to third party developers by including Fox McCloud and his trusty Arwing!



Watch the E3 Trailer here:
Watch the Gamescom Trailer Here:

Currently, there are 6 ships and pilots announced (including Fox McCloud and the Arwing which are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch) with at least four more yet to be unveiled. Starlink: Battle for Atlas launches on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on October 16th. Stay tuned for more details as they come!

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