It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch has been selling very well in it’s first year of production. The sales are attributed to several factors including modern takes on Nintendo classics, an ever-growing catalog of independent games, and portability. For me, the portability is what makes it a fantastic console.

From what I have read and heard, most people that enjoy the portability aspect of the Switch because they can take it on the go with them. They use to occupy themselves on long flights, waiting for dinner to arrive at a restaurant, during their mass transit commutes to and from work or while they are on vacation. If I had the chance to use the Switch in any of these occasions, I would likely rave about it as a travelling companion as well. The real upside to the portability for me is that I can play video while watching sports!

I am almost as avid a sports fan as I am a gamer. Baseball, football, hockey, it doesn’t matter to me. After a long day of work, I enjoy gaming and watching sports. It helps me relax and unwind. Being a traditional console gamer (nothing against the master race, but it’s not for me), I have to choose between watching the game, or playing for a few hours. Of course, there have been hand held systems that are great, but they lack the true power of a console. With the Switch, I can watch a sporting event and game at the same time.

Whether it be watching a game go into extra innings and solving a puzzle between pitches, or looking for a diversion while my favorite hockey team continues give up easy goals, I have the Switch to fuel my gaming wants. Now I get to use it while I watch the Olympics as well! Personally, I don’t care how the Norwegian downhill skier does (no offense to the Norwegians), but I do care about the Americans! I don’t want to miss a moment of an American in the half pipe, and the Switch allows to me play games and listen for what I want to watch without having a second TV or some wacky setup. So, I can play some Mario Odyssey while I wait for the athlete I want to root for.

Having the ability to undock this console and play it in hand held mode has allowed to continue both of my passions without sacrifice or compromise. I know I have missed several great sporting moments because I chose playing Xbox or PlayStation over watching the game.  If you are like me, and enjoy gaming AND watching a game but don’t like to have to choose, do yourself a favor and get a Nintendo Switch. You can find them in stock most places now so that isn’t an issue. You will thank me.

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