Who is the one true King? Is it the goliath primate from Skull Island? Or the radioactive titan lizard who has a legacy of destroying Japan? Well, Godzilla vs Kong seeks to answer this very question. This continuation of Legendary’s take on the Godzilla franchise follows up on Godzilla: King of the Monsters. But who will come out on top?


What’s the movie about? Well, it’s about Godzilla vs King Kong, the end.


Ok, so there are two plot lines that are focused around each of the title-sharing characters. In the years that followed the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, things were peaceful between the humans and titans. But all of that changed when Godzilla attacked a factory without provocation. Meanwhile, on Skull Island, Kong is kept in a dome to hide his presence from Godzilla. Here is where the two plot lines start to intersect.


The company whose factory was attacked by Godzilla is seeking a new source of energy that is believed to be found in the center of the Earth. This coincides with the hollow earth theory that was established in the previous film. But it’s believed that only a titan can find the path. So they make the decision to use Kong to find the path.


As this is going on Millie Bobby Brown returns and tries to figure out why Godzilla attacks. In doing so she uncovers a deep corporate conspiracy to defeat the titans. Which becomes more apparent to all the characters as the movie progresses. With all this leading up to a climactic fight in Hong Kong.


Now, this isn’t the first time that Godzilla and King Kong have fought. In 1963 the character fought in Godzilla’s first movie in color. There are moments that do pay homage to that film, but this film is 100% an action movie. By the end of the movie, you’ll walk out of the theater and you won’t remember any of the human character’s names. But you will remember the larger-than-life fight scenes.



This is a big-budget movie where giant monsters fight for dominance. It plays with visuals to have fun and tell more of lore as to why the giant monsters exist. The studios behind the visual effects went above and beyond. While my brain said these are fake monsters, I was stunned by the subtle details of each monster. Then there was all the destruction during the fights.


One of the fights that take place out in the ocean is amazing. Its use of the environment brings some unique aspects that could not happen in the older Godzilla films. The studios actually displayed these monsters as getting tired and hurt that would be lost on the old suits. 



This movie is what I honestly needed. It was my first movie back in a theater since 2019. It’s a fun popcorn movie that is perfect for the big screen. While it doesn’t set up what the next movie in the franchise is, it does hint. The movie hints at the technology that is similar to the technology from Pacific Rim. This idea was hinted at years ago when Legendary first announced Godzilla.


Honestly, I would welcome the turn my brain off the experience of giant robots fight giant monsters. That truly is what this movie is at heart. The plot is simple and moves just to set up the next fight while laying the basic groundwork for lore. So I give it a 4 out of 5. And if possible see this movie in the theaters.


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