With the PlayStation 5 coming out later this year, Sony has been quiet on a lot of the details. They have, however, dropped a few hints that got me thinking. While I think PS5 will utilize improved hardware over the PS4 Pro, I think a lot of what Sony intends to accomplish will use cloud technology to stream games.

First, during an investor meeting last year, Sony stated that PS5 will load games significantly faster than PS4 Pro does. This is something that everyone wants so that makes sense. One way to accomplish is this is by using more powerful components in the PS5 than are used in the PS4 Pro. Of course, these components are more expensive than the parts that are currently used. This makes it more difficult in keeping the price of consoles down. If the price is too high, it will hurt adoption of the new hardware.

Second, Sony hinted that game streaming from the cloud would have a role in PS5 but they didn’t say just how much of a role. Games streamed from the cloud load much faster than they do on traditional consoles now (depending on your internet connection of course). This would make the goal of loading games faster more attainable.

Now this may seem like I am really stretching here. I get it. It does sound unorthodox. However it does bring up my third point. Sony and Microsoft did announce collaboration to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology to improve cloud gaming with Sony. If cloud gaming isn’t part of the major plans for PS5, why would Sony work with their main competitor in the gaming console market to achieve it. I think Sony knows that cloud gaming will be the future and they do not want to show up late to the party. In addition, I think Sony will have limited cloud storage for each account. By this, I mean you won’t have access to your full library to stream. Instead, you will choose a few games that will be readily available for you. Last year, Sony increased their cloud storage from 10GB to 100Gb for all Ps Plus members. That seems like overkill for saved games. Maybe they would preparing for the future. I could see that storage go up to 1TB for PS5. This would also cut down on the need for a massive solid state drive on the PS5 which would help keep costs down.

I fully realize that I could be having a “Pepe Silvia” moment here. Using cloud streaming on a console would buck tradition. We will see later this year!

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