The second DLC for We Happy Few released recently. As with the first DLC, this anew short story that centers around rock legend Nick Lightbearer. Think of him as a combination of Austin Powers and John Lennon circa Sgt Pepper’s.

As with It Came from Below, Lightbearer is experience that takes a few hours to complete and doesn’t follow the same mechanics that the main game in We Happy Few does. Just like the previous DLC, Lightbearer shines through it’s silly humor and unique gameplay.

As I said before, you play as Nick Lightbearer in the second expansion of We Happy Few. Nick of course is the stage name for Norbert Pickles. A rockstar of unparalleled fame in Wellington Wells. With a name like Norbert Pickles, you can understand why he uses a stage name. The story is a whodunit murder mystery. Through the use of psychedelics and other drugs, a wild story unfolds. Throw in some ruffled shirts, fanatical groupies, and a talking rat, and you have yourself an interesting time. I don’t want to ruin the story, but it’s good.

Lightbearer features a new combat system compared to the rest of the game. Being a rocker and a lover, Nick isn’t one for fisticuffs. Instead, he uses his electric guitar to block attacks, melts faces, and blow minds of rabid fans. You can also serenade some fans causing them to fight on your side since they become extra smitten with you. That isn’t the only gameplay change from the main story. In Lightbearer, using drugs and drinking coffee and booze actually heal you… you are a rockstar after all baby!

Overall, Lightbearer is a lot of fun. I played it on Xbox One X and noticed no performance issues. If you are looking for a game to occupy your time for a few hours, this DLC will just fine. If you enjoyed It Came from Below, you will enjoy this one as well. Compulsion Games showed that once again, they can deliver a fantastic short story. I recommend playing Lightbearer as soon as you can. I give it a 4.5/5. Check it out and stay groovy!

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