We Happy Few had it’s final DLC pack release last week. Unlike the last two DLC packs which were standalone experiences, We All Fall Down ties into the story of the main game. The final chapter tells the story of Victoria Byng, an administrator of Wellington Wells and daughter of General Byng whom we met in the main story. Wellington Wells is facing a shortage of Joy, and everything is coming apart at the seams. The name We All Fall Down definitely fits for a town that is coming down from a high and crashing.

For me, I preferred the prior two DLC to We All Fall Down because those two stories were weird and unique. We All Fall Down serves more like the fourth chapter in the main story. I felt the main story was a bit too much with having to worry about where you go because you’re not on Joy or wearing the wrong clothes. I quickly found this mechanic to be tedious and irritating. In We All Fall Down, you can’t take Joy since the supply has been cut off.

All The Joy is Gone…

Since the supply of Joy is quickly getting used up, the citizens of Wellington Wells are losing their minds. People are starting to realize what their lives have become. The town is getting run down quickly and people are hurting each other. You make you way into one house where the grisly aftermath of a mass poisoning of a party shows just how low people have gone. This aggression spills over into the streets as you make your way through Wellington Wells. While playing as Victoria, you start to experience Joy withdrawals as well. Fortunately, they don’t have a major impact on gameplay.

As I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed the prior to DLC stories for We Happy Few. more than I did We All Fall Down. I did appreciate that the main story wrapped up though, and ultimately that the denizens of Wellington Wells would eventually overcome their collective addiction to Joy.

A New Way to Move Around

The one big change in We All Fall Down is that Victoria uses a whip to move around and to get to hard to reach places. If you can like games that use a grappling hook to get around, you’ll like this. Ms. Byng also uses her whip as her primary weapon. The range is nice but it’s not the most powerful weapon. Victoria also acquires a dart gun that shoots a stun dart. These two weapons make a decent combination, but switching between them isn’t as smooth as I would have liked. Unfortunately, the gameplay isn’t anything that new. I was really hoping for something zany as in the past installments, but nope, it was more vanilla. The gameplay wasn’t bad but it had mostly been done before.

I don’t think We All Fall Down is bad. It just wasn’t special like it’s predecessors were. If you have played the main game and the prior DLC packs, you should play this one. It does tie the story up nicely. If you haven’t played We Happy Few before, it’s worth checking out. That being said, it does have it’s issues. The game can get tedious quickly, there are some annoying mechanics and it can be difficult to move around to different parts of Wellington Wells. That being said, Compulsion Games did a great job making a unique world with some interesting characters. If you are looking for something new, then give We Happy Few a chance.

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