I recently had the chance to ask some questions to the Rob Sargent, the producer of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions. Check it out!

Rob Sargent, Playfusion , Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Champions’s producer


1) What challenges are there in converting a table top strategy game into a card-based video game?

 There are actually a lot of similarities between table top strategy games and TCGs. Typically they are turn based, they require a player to think a couple of turns ahead – they are very chess like in their structure. The specific challenge we faced with Warhammer Champions was to make these battles feel like wars of attrition, where both players are fighting to the bitter end. And I think we’ve nailed it, in playtesting we’ve found that a large majority of games go down to the final few turns


2) What challenges were there in developing the switch port? Did touch screen capability add to that?

 We had a lot of challenges upon bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch; we wanted players to be able to use the Nintendo Switch in all of its forms, so we adapted the game to feature controller support, which a lot of digital TCGs don’t do! We also went out of our way to ensure that players could scan their physical cards into their Switch version by linking their mobile accounts with their Switch account.


3) What did they enjoy the most and least about taking someone else’s characters and world and putting their own stamp on it?

Over at PlayFusion, we’re big Warhammer nerds and a lot of us have been for the majority of our lives, so being able to simply be involved in telling stories and recreating characters from the Age of Sigmar universe is kind of a dream come true to be honest. But it’s a double edged sword, as because we are so familiar with these long standing Champions, we wanna do right by them; we are really hard on ourselves when it comes to getting these characters right in the context of a TCG. I think we have managed it though!

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