SAN FRANCISCO – March 31, 2020 – Today, Ubisoft® announced a month-long series of offers, trials, and discounts as part of the global efforts to support people staying confined at home. This initiative provides people opportunities to have fun with family and socialize with friends even as they practice social distancing from the safety of their homes. All offers will be available at

The campaign will kick off with the platformer Rayman Legends, a game that can be played in local cop-op and will be available to download and keep for free from March 31 to April 3. Players will join forces with Rayman, Globox and the Teensies as they run, jump and fight their way through a mythical world with 80+ levels of adventure. More trials and offers, including popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance, will be announced in the coming month.

Ubisoft is also working with the worldwide game community to help combat COVID-19 and support those affected. On Saturday, March 28th, Ubisoft participated in Twitch Stream Aid, a 12-hour live stream to benefit the COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund. During this event, Ubisoft pledged $150,000 to the fund, contributing to the total of $2.8 million raised to support global efforts.

“During these unprecedented times, video games have a role to play in bringing people around the world joy, comfort, and togetherness,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of marketing & consumer experience. “We hope that this initiative and those we’re seeing from the video game community will encourage people to play their part and play at home.”

For more information and updates on the free offers please visit:

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