To be completely honest, I knew nothing about Trine 2 before I saw an add for it on Twitter. I had never even heard of the franchise. It was completely foregin to me. My first thought’s when I saw the trailer were “WOW! That looks like it’s a lot of fun!”. So, I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. It is a story of three unlikely heroes that have been assembled by The Trine to save the Kingdom. Trine 2 has great artwork, challenging platform puzzles and a good way of telling it’s story.

The Heroes

Trine 2 has three heroes that each have unique abilities that help them solve puzzles. There is Amadeus, the wizard. He can move objects with his magic and conjure boxes and a plank to traverse obstacles. The rogue, Zoya, uses a bow and arrow to attack enemies and a grappling hook to swing across dangerous areas. Finally, there is Pontius, the knight. He is the muscle of the group and adept in dispatching goblins with his sword and hammer. His hammer can also be used to smash some objects. These three allies use their abilities to work together to solve puzzles and slay goblins.

Navigating Goblin Filled Levels in Trine 2 is a Magical Time

A lot of platformers involve getting from Paint A to Point B and smashing some baddies along the way. This is definitiely part of Trine 2, but that is only a fraction of what is in store for you. Amadeus can use his magic to do a wide variety of things such as creating blocks to get from one area to another, manipulate levers, divert water, and even pick up monsters and drop them. Amadeus’s primary role is making each area navigable. There are times you will need to use his magic to move pipes to change the direction of flame. For me, this was the most enjoyable part of the game. I like puzzles that require an order of operation, so to speak. I don’t normally like platformers that involve jumping around to make it to the end of the level. Trine 2 is not that at all, and that impressed me.

The puzzles increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Early on, they are simple so you can learn the mechanics. Later on, they are quite challenging. In fact, some of the puzzles are so difficult that they took me 15 minutes or more to complete. Granted, some of the difficulty is on my skills (or lack thereof) but some of them are very well designed and make you think. To be fair, there were some puzzles that I thought were a little more difficult than they should be because the controls are a little touchy at times.  I think using a mouse and keyboard would be better for sliding and rotating objects. I’m not saying the controls are broken, but they aren’t as smooth as I would like.

Zoya is essential in crossing large areas going vertical. Despite the need to anchor into wood, her grappling hook is perfect for getting to hard to reach spots. When I needed to move quickly, I found Zoya was the my character of choice. With regards to movement, I found Pontius to offer little apart from occasionally bashing an obstacle. He was however, the main combatant of the team.

Trine 2 Has Beautiful Artwork that Really Sets the Tone for a Fantasy World

The visuals in Trine 2 are, simply put, fantastic! There is a lot going on inboth the background and the foreground. The backgrounds arent static. Rather, they are layered like a diorama. Some of the backgrounds also have movement in them which helps create a living world. Some people may not care about, or even notice the little details like that but I do, and I like them. It helps give life to the fantasy setting in Trine 2. The little things moving around and aren’t directly involved in the gameplay show the level of dedication and devotion that Frozenbyte out into carefully crafting this world. The music and sound effects also add another layer to the artistic gem that is Trine 2. If you enjoy visually appealing games, this is one for you.

I don’t like to give the stories away when I talk about games because I like for everyone to experience it for themselves. I will say this though, in between Chapters, the narrator reads from pages of a story book. This further adds to the immersion into a fantasy world and in my opinion, is a nice touch. Rather than reveal the story through just gameplay and dialogue, Trine 2 literally tells a story.

Overall, Trine 2 is a well made game. The artstyle is really impressive. The platforming and puzzles are challenging and can be frustrating at times. I recommend Trine 2 if you like unique gameplay, nicely drawn art, and a fun story. I give it a 4/5.

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