General Tournament Information

    1. Registration
    2. Both team members must be members of the Alpha Nerds Guild Facebook Page Prior to registristation
  • Registrations will open for Alpha Nerd Guild Members on September 3 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Sign-ups for everyone will close at 11:59 p.m Eastern Time on October 24th.
  • Friday, October 26 at 9:pm Eastern Time is the start of the first Match, with a 10 minute break following each match.
  1. Tournament format
    1. Points will be as follows: 2 points per kill, 10 points for first place, 6 points for second place and 4 points for third place. (point scale may be adjusted to fit total entries)
  2. Game Format
    1. Features custom settings from the ESL PUBG Official Game Settings from PGI
      1. Map will be Erangel
      2. Perspective TBD
      3. Server location NA
      4. Teams of 4 Players
      5. No redzone
      6. Item Spawns
        1. 3x-1.5x weapon spawns (see link above)
        2. NO wearable spawns
        3. NO level 3 helmets
      7. Normal crate drops
      8. Normal blue zone speed and damage
      9. Weather
        1. Sunny only
      10. PC ONLY
    2. Tournament Rules
      1. Following with BlueHole’s Rules of Conduct, we expect players to abide by the following rules and consequences:
        1. Cheating in any form is a bannable offense, and will result in a ban from any future Alpha Nerds Guild community event, as well as a report to BlueHole via their forums. No questions asked.
        2. As the games will be streamed, even though there may be a delay, stream sniping is not allowed. Players that are in-play may not watch a stream hosted by Alpha Nerds Guild or anyone competing in the tournament. Only when dead may players watch streams. Failure to comply will result in an instant disqualification and a report to BlueHole via their forums.
        3. Collusion or teaming of any kind is a permanent disqualification for all members of the teams at fault and will also result in a report to BlueHole via their forums with video proof.
        4. Teams must be in the Alpha Nerds Guild Discord, in their specified channels, during matches. Teams not in the discord will forfeit the match for their team.
          1. The mod team will be in charge of assigning server roles to create designated access in specific channels.
          2. Teams not participating in the current game are prohibited from entering the voice channels of a live match.
          3. If Discord starts to experience connection issues, please be ready to switch to in-game voice chat at any moment. You cannot switch to your own Discord servers at any point during a live match.
        5. Players that disconnect from a match or custom game lobby are able to rejoin the server if able. The server will not be restarted for people who disconnect. Crashes are considered on a case-by-case basis.
          1. Multiple teams crashing while in the plane would be a reason to restart a game.
          2. Per ESL PGI guidelines, it is strongly encouraged to not move your character while in the warm-up phase before the game begins.
            1. This could help minimize game crashes.
          3. Warning, PUBG has updated the FAQ on their forums to say that editing config files is against the Rules of Conduct, which could result in a ban. Edit the config files at your own risk.
        6. Signup Process
          1. Before signing up, players need to make sure they have already joined Alpha Nerds Guild Discord so they can be given a server role to gain access into Tournament channels.
          2. Sign up as a solo, waiting to be randomly placed or indicate if you already have a team mate
            1. If your name appears twice (or more) on the signup sheet, only the NEWEST instance will be considered for placement.
          3. Announcement of finalized teams will take place 24 hours after sign-ups close
          4. Again, all signed-up players MUST be in Alpha nerds Guild Discord to confirm entry into the tournament.
        7. Central Hub of Information
          1. All tournament information will be listed on the Alpha Nerds Guild Tournament Page
        8. Prize Pool Will be determined by the amount of entries

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