Fortnite has taken the world by storm the last few years. You see kids doing dances from the game and at it’s height it was making millions of dollars a day. Now it may be all over.

Earlier today, there was a live event in the game which culminated in the map blowing up and a Black Hole left in it’s place. In a since deleted tweet, Epic Games and Fortnite seemed to channel the late Jim Morrison.

My only friend, the end…

What does this mean?

Much to the dismay of millions, the game servers are currently down. The Fortnite twitter also shows the singularity and has since the event.

Is one of the most played games ever done? Is it for good? I don’t think so. My thought is that the map is being redone to add some new life to the game. We will share more details as we find them out.

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