The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is now coming to the Nintendo switch. While I have never heard of this series before last week, I decided to explore it. I found an interesting gem that fits perfectly for the mobility that the switcch offers.

It is a point and click adventure game and I usually approach these with dread. Many a time I have tried to play these games and many a time, I get so stuck on what convoluted logic the developer is wanting me to use to solve their problem, I either give up, or just go to *shudders* a walkthrough. I have played some that offer a hint system, but this game offers no hint system. Which scared me. But as I played, this was not convoluted logic, when everything that could be done with an object had been done, you couldn’t interact with it any more. This helped to remove guess work and became a process of elimination. When you are using an item, you can’t use it on every single interactible objects, just ones that would make sense. This again, helps to eliminate guess work. This is a point and click adventure where you will sit and scratch your head, but never for so long it gets frustrating.

You can show and select directly which object to interact with instead of having to move to it.

What about the game play? Well, due to its story telling structure, it goes well for long sessions in front of the tv, or for a short session on the go. I got about 4 hours on the switch in handheld mode before needing to charge it again, which is a decent amount of time. My only complaint is that moving the main character can get finicky. Fortunately, they have an easy work around, you are able to show all of the interactible objects and then just move the left stick to select the one to interact with without having to move the character just right in the space.

How many Easter eggs can you find in this picture?

The game is fun, quirky, and not too serious but still tells a serious story. In the first act alone, it had two twists that I wasn’t expecting and showed a desire for a real story but to have fun while playing it. Has loads of Easter eggs and references, one room had more Easter eggs then I could count. While not for everyone, this is a good way to pass the time and is a hidden treasure of the switch library. If you love point and click games, get this game for the switch. You won’t regret it. As I think back on the game, it reminds me of a dungeons and dragons game. A serious story, with lots of silly characters, fun references and cameos, and jokes made at other mediums and the stories from those mediums. I haven’t finished it at the time of this review, but I can’t wait to do so.

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