Titan Quest first launched in 2006. The action-rpg has aged well, publishing a ten-year anniversary edition and a major expansion, Ragnarok, in 2017. Titan Quest Atlantis marks the latest in the venerable titles additional content. Atlantis is a welcome breath of fresh air, with improved graphics, many quality of life improvements, and new abilities for every class. This expansion delivers on a game that has kept alive and well for 13 years. Some modern AAA titles have problems staying relevant for 13 months.

Atlantis sends our mythical adventurer on a journey to discover the lost continent of Atlantis, and commit wholesale slaughter against the many and varied new creatures that live there. The journey begins in Rhodes and continues through the Atlas Mountains and finally to Atlantis. While the expansion isn’t huge, it took me roughly 6 hours to clear, it offers a surprising number of new foes to battle.

The new endless battle mode in the depths of Tartarus is a definitive draw, and the perfect place to test the new tier of abilities added to each of the ten classes in the game. The addition of a quick cast option is a long-awaited quality of life improvement as well.

With each wave of creatures fought in the Tartarus endless battle mode receiving random modifiers, every encounter is potentially a very dangerous proposition. After each wave is cleared you are allowed to either accept a reward or risk it all and continue in hopes of more loot. The best part, support for up to six players in the game at a time is still the standard.

Graphics improvements round out the expansion with the addition of Ambient Occlusion, that adds visible shade where objects meet, and a Color Grading option that enhances the contrast and helps the colors pop.

Overall Atlantis is a solid contribution to the title, with new weapons, armor, and items to collect. A Casino Vendor, and the endless horde mode, there is a lot of replayability. Having encountered very little in the way of bugs or glitches, this expansion for an older game is a great mix of nostalgia and good old dungeon crawling. Currently, Titan Quest Atlantis is only available on PC. I rate this title four out of five.

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