Constable Zellner is a bumbling “detective” that has to sort through those clues in order to find out who has stolen one of the Eyes of the Sphinx. He gets caught up with trying to impress Detective Legrand, whom has been credited to having brought The Raven, a well-known master thief, to justice, but you quickly come to find out that Legrand isn’t so sure that he caught the right man.

The Raven Remastered is a masterful game that will intrigue any murder-mystery fan. This is such a great point and click game. It makes you feel like a detective, having to decipher the many clues along your journey. You are forced become immersed in the environment by looking for clues in order to progress the game/ solve the mystery. In what could easily become repetitive gameplay, the game switches it up by allowing the player to steer the conversation in a few directions. Based on which order you step the conversation, the non-playable interactive characters can show agitation, or interest in the conversation. Sometimes they will even cut the conversation short due to the order of which you’ve asked certain questions.

I’ve had quite a few times in this game that I’ve gone about things wrong, only to understand that (later on) there was a way for me to have gotten through the game quicker. So, much like the Constable, I was bumbling through the game as well. Being a fan of noir books, I honestly thought I had a little bit of sleuth in me. This game has shown me that there is a reason I do not have Detective as a title. More than not, though, this game has shown how far mystery games have come since their inception. It utilizes an amazing voice cast, beautiful scenery, a glimpse into the 60’s over sea’s, and all while telling an intricate tale of mystery and deceit.

I hope they are looking to make another game sometime soon because this story was absolutely amazing. I could honestly say that I didn’t expect for it to take up as much time as it did, and keep me intrigued the whole time. I would most definitely recommend this game for anyone that is a fan of Dame Agatha Christie or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes but, most importantly, anyone that is a fan of a good story.

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