While Call of Duty has become the latest addition into the Battle Royal genre, it hasn’t stopped one of the founding games from making new content. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has announced some new changes with the upcoming 7.3 update. The update goes on the test servers on June 10 and live on June 17.



One of the first highlights is some balancing to how vehicles take damage. Mainly, vehicles will no longer just explode upon reaching 0HP, this will allow players a chance to escape. Players will now have 5 seconds to escape. However, vehicles can still explode instantly from large radial damage like the red zone. Certain vehicles now also damage zones. These vehicles are the Buggy, Dacia, UAZ, Mirado, Pickup, Rony and the Zima. The zones are the engine, body, and roof. There’s also an upgrade to the boat armor, boats will have granted 5 static damage reduction.

A new weapon will be added as well, C4. A high yield, throwable explosive “that gives players new ways to strategically flush out timid opponents.” Like C4 in other games, this weapon can be stuck to most surfaces including vehicles. After being thrown it will start beeping and detonate 16 seconds. It can’t be stopped or activated earlier. The C4 has a damage radius of 25 meters and is lethal within 15 meter. The explosion can damage players through walls if they are within the radius. The developers left an important note of “good luck and try not to blow yourself up!”

The reintroduction of the Parachute Follow Feature will also be becoming for teams. The feature was temporarily removed after 6.2. During the pre-match countdown players can select a teammate to follow. 


A new menu tab will be created on the main screen for official PUBG esports. The menu will have an overview, Teams, standings, and Pick’em Challenge The Pick’em Challenge is a feature that allows players to vote on who they think will win the event. Winners will receive exclusive rewards. For more information on this feature can be found here.



Changes have been made to the train system. A new line has been added, more stops, as well as audio and visual cues to when trains are arriving and departing. Trains will now travel through 2 stations before changing direction. Also on the map, they’ve added more DMRs. They also added more trees and rock covers throughout the battlegrounds. 

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