When PlayStation decided to forgo E3 for smaller direct style presentations throughout the year. Most couldn’t figure out what type of announcements we’d get or even how often the State of Plays would be. As the year ends we just got our final one and it had great announcements both big and small. Here is my breakdown of 2019’s final State of Play:

Untitled Goose Game:

The State of Play opens with everyone’s favorite sociopath goose causing harm in House House’s Untitled Goose Game coming to PS4 Next Week on December 17th

Spell Break

Differing from the hundred of Battle royal games out. A New battle royal game was announced this time focusing on spell binding combat. Spellbreak Launches in 2020. Closed beta in the Spring.


Media Molecule showed off a ton of varied community levels in addition to announcing the release date for Dreams February 14th, 2020


With a focus on Optical illusions and perspective based puzzled Superliminal looks to be be unlike anything thats come before. SuperLiminal coming to PS4 in 2020

Paper Beast

Pixel Reef has undoubtedly created the most unique pet sim i’ve ever seen. Manipulate the paper machette monsters and environment to solve puzzles. Paper Beast Coming to VR in Q1 2020

Kingdom Hearts III

Square enix debuted the new Kingdom Hearts III Expansion Re:Mind coming January 23. There will be two editions of this DLC one even includes 19 concert videos from the Kingdom Hearts orchestra World Tour.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Illfonic’s Asymmetric shooter Predator Hunting Grounds showed off its Predator Customization. Which with several different predator Classes weapons and armors. Predator Starts the hunt on April 24th, 2020

Babylon’s Fall

Square Enix and Platinum Games announces Babylon’s Fall. A breakneck action game where your blade cuts as smooth as a brush stroke. The trailer Promises more information next summer!

Project Resistance/ RE:Make 3

Capcom shows off the Campaign of Resident evil Spin off Project Resistance. Oh wait this is actually the Resident Evil 3; Nemesis Remake that leaked earlier last week. RE:Make 3 Launches on April  3, 2020, and even includes the online game Project Resistance

And then closing out the show a speak from Ken Kutaragi, the father of the Playstation talking about the 25th anniversary of Playstation which was on December 3rd.

Ghost of Tsushima Game Awards Teaser

Last but not least Ghost of Tsushima squeezed a little teaser in right before everything was over. But before the trailer could get to the action it cut away with the promise of being continued. Fortunately The full trailer will be shown this Thursday at the Game Awards.

What did you think of the final State of Play for 2019? Was there anything they showed that interests you? What are your thoughts on the first year of State of Plays were they worth your while? Please let us know in the comments! For all the Nerdy news you care about and more keep your eye on AlphaNerdsGuild.com

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