Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Issues 5-8

You guys, Sabrina is almost here! The new Netflix series will premier tomorrow just in time to binge before Halloween! Also, have you been watching the Haunting of Hill House? It’s very good, but that’s an article for another time.

Now, just as I did with the other article I’ll go through the CAOS comic issues five through eight without giving too much away and the titles of each. In the last article I discussed how Sabrina and Riverdale could be connected. Yesterday, while diving deeper into my Riverdale (healthy) obsession I caught something that Penny Peabody mentions to Jughead Jones in S2E7. While sending Jughead to the neighboring town of Greendale she mentions: “You don’t want to be in Greendale after midnight.”. If you’ve been watching any of the CAOS trailers, during a conversation with her cousin Ambrose he refers to midnight as the witching hour. Coincidence? It’s something to think about.

Chapter 5: The Trial

The notorious aunts Hilda and Zelda must present Sabrina to the dark Witches Council where she undergoes a few tests. In this issue we see another flashback to a later time and meet Harvey Kinkle’s parents. We see familiar faces as some trouble really gets stirred up in the town of Greendale.

Chapter Six: Familiars

All of the Salem fans need to listen up! You get a whole issue dedicated to your favorite sassy familiar! Hence, another reason to read the comics. Not only will you learn more about Salem, you will get to learn the backstory of cousin Ambrose’s familiars as well. Honestly, what are you waiting for?

Issue Seven: “Witch War” and Chapter One: The Truth about Demonology 

Issue Seven is a little different from the others we’ve went over so far because it has two titles. This issue is mainly dedicated to Edward Spellman (Sabrina’s father) and some serious dark magic. You’ll read more about him and his relationship with his sisters, Hilda and Zelda. Turns out, Hilda and Zelda have a few secrets of their own. Also, Sabrina’s dad completely resembles Eddie Munster when he was a child which I found to be pretty funny.

Issue Eight: “Witch War” and Chapter Two: The Psychopomps 

Just like the previous issue, number eight is the second chapter of the Witch Wars. Yes, you get to find out what a Psychpomp is. In the latest issue, Sabrina is being especially difficult and not listening to reason very well. Going against Ambrose Salem’s wishes, Sabrina flies over (yes, on a broom) to a familiar setting for Riverdale fans: Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe.


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