Last week we had a pole asking YOU, the Alpha Nerds Guild, what is the “Best Anime Fight Scene of All Time”. In what turned out to be a landslide victory (probably by those that grew up watching Fox Kids in the 90’s) Goku vs. Frieza (Dragon Ball Super) won! And as promised, we are going to take aa look at what made this fight so special.

Tale as old as time….true as it can be…Frieza Death Comet….Goku Spirit Bomb…NEXT TIME, on Dragon Ball Z!!!!

In order to acknowledge why this fight is so epic, we have to include Dragon Ball Super’s predecessor. I’m not talking about Dragon Ball Z Kai. No. We must venture back to when there were filler episodes, and to when the Planet Namek still existed. That’s right people. We have to look at the 18 episode arc (TECHNICALLY the Frieza Saga was 33 episodes long, but we are only talking about the fight between these two) in which Frieza and Goku first did battle. WAAAAAY back in episode 82 of Dragon Ball Z. BUT, if you want to get a little more background on the fight and see why a whole generation collectively crapped its pants for Dragon Ball Z, you might want to start at episode 78.

Starting with episode 82, we see a revived Goku power up to go toe-to-toe with Frieza…an alien with a power-level of one million! For anyone that is familiar with the “Over 9,000?!” memes, yeah…ONE MILLION. The background music was tense, the air was crackling with energy and anticipation. THE FIGHT WAS INSANE!! And it took MONTHS to watch live. MONTHS PEOPLE. This fight was so action packed that a planet was literally destroyed because of it. Almost everyone on the planet ended up dying because these two had an all-out battle. I won’t be going TOO much into the first battle, but I will let you all decide for yourself by taking a look at a good chunk of the fight with no filler 🙂

Goku Vs. Frieza in Dragon Ball Super was a 13-episode arc and was essentially a retelling of a separate movie, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. In my opinion, I prefer the Dragon Ball Super telling. It expands on a few things and has a lot of character building. The fact that there are a lot more hits also helps out, as also decided on by the votes.

The battle between the two is the first time we see Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and Golden Frieza. The powers displayed by these two during the fight is no doubt the reason why it was picked as the “Best Anime Fight Scene of All Time”. From Vegeta killing Sorbe and Frieza’s last ditch “Earth Breaker” attack, to Whis’ Superman time unraveling and Goku’s God Kamehameha.

Not to let Goku and Frieza have all of the glory, here are the actual poll results!

Goku Vs. Frieza (Dragonball Super) – 22

All-Might vs. All For One – 16

SSj2 Gohan vs Perfect Cell – 10

Naruto vs. Sasuke – 6

Ichigo vs Byakuya (at the Sokyoku) – 3

Kakashi vs Obito – 1

Naruto vs Sasuke (from Boruto) – 1

Yusuke vs Toguro – 1

Lelouch vs. Suzaku – 1

Naruto and Sasuke vs. Momoshiki (Boruto) – 1

Wing Gundam Zero (Heero Yuy) vs Gundam Epyon (Milliardo Peacecraft) – 1

Battle of Marineford (One Piece) – 1

Shining Gundam vs. Master Gundam – 0

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