Its been a long, hard year for all of us. Things didn’t shape up the way we expected them to this year, not even remotely. And in the midst of all the chaos of our lives it can be hard to remember that things can work out in the end. And that we have people who care about us, but that’s exactly what the Alpha Nerds Guild ThANGsgiving is all about. Some of us are struggling and that’s okay, we’d like to make the holidays a little easier. We’ll be hosting a number of streamers on Twitch that will be putting out some amazing content to distract us all from the pressures and stresses of life, and content that’ll remind you that there are people in the world who care, and that you matter. Even if you don’t have a family to be able to celebrate with at home, you can celebrate with us at ANG, we’ll be your family. ThANGsgiving starts on the Alpha Nerds Guild main page today, we hope you’ll join us. If you can donate some money so we can help a family in need this ThANGsgiving, we would appreciate it!

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