Let’s talk about Stranger Things and do a season two recap, along with curiosities about some of the new characters and where next season may go with the plot. I know it’s been awhile now since season two debuted but I love this sci-fi series, and can’t get enough of it. If you have not watched this series yet but you plan to, turn back now! Or if you haven’t seen season two, do not continue reading! You’ve been warned.
Alright fans, let’s start with Bob Newby!

 Bob Newby

Season two brought in and introduced new characters, a few of them shook things up a bit. First we’ll talk about Bob Newby. Bob, was the best and I really thought he was an amazing fit for Joyce simply because he was the complete opposite of Lonnie Byers. We saw in season one that Lonnie STILL only cared about himself, even during Will’s “death” when Joyce discovered he was going to use it to his advantage in attempt to gain some money, and he skipped the whole grieving process altogether. But since Joyce is a bada** mom, she showed him the door fast and we haven’t heard from him since, no love lost there.
Bob was also working hard to be there for Joyce and her boys through their trauma and even talked to Joyce about taking their relationship to the next level and moving to Maine in order to start over as a family. It was too bad that the Mind Flayer had different plans. Bob was smart, brave, and funny. A little corny at times, but his character was still humorous. I’m really going to miss Bob, I know I can’t be the only one. Right!?

Billy Hargrove and Maxine Mayfield (Mad Max)

We know that Billy and Max are step siblings from California and they never see eye to eye about anything. This is obvious from the very start because Max really enjoys flipping him the bird and he loves spinning tires. We learn that Billy blames Max for the move to Hawkins but she also blamed him in return. I’m not sure if they are blaming each other for their parents marriage or what or if something happened that forced the move. Max’s dad is still alive and still lives in California according to what she told Lucas. Speaking of Lucas, Billy hates him, and warns her to stay away from him multiple times and near the end of the season we finally meet Billy’s dad who honestly seems like a real jerk, which probably plays into Billy’s bad attitude. I can’t help but wonder if Billy wants Max to stay away from Lucas because he doesn’t like him, or if he’s afraid of his dad finding out.
Show watchers never really learned much about their backstories thought except the basics which has a lot of fans guessing and trying to pick apart what’s going on. I hope season three will reveal some more information about them, and I’d like to see Billy and Max actually team up together and be accepting of one another. I think Billy would make a good addition to the team if he can straighten his attitude up. There just has to be more to him and why they moved from California to small town Hawkins, Indiana.

Erica Sinclair

Who doesn’t love sassy little Erica Sinclair!? I’m 100% positive that she would walk up to a Demogorgon and put it in it’s place. She was a fun character to introduce and I’m sure we won’t be seeing the last of her. I don’t want to hear anyone calling Lucas and his friends nerds except her. She does it perfectly.

Dr. Sam Owens
I was sure that Dr. Owens was hiding something and going to be another villain for sure until about midway through the season when he argues and fights for Will’s life. I hate that they sent such a good guy to clean up Dr. Brenner’s mess but he was refreshing except for the fact that he still wanted to hide Barbara Holland’s death. That was the only thing about him, personally. But from another stand point, he really couldn’t out his employer’s wrong doings to the public. The poor guy was in a rough spot but he did do something amazing for Hopper at the end so maybe I can look over the other…kind of.

Claudia Henderson

Dustin’s mom is adorable, and I loved how she always called him Dusty but she was so oblivious to what her son was up to. Between her and Bob, they added good comedy relief to the show. But, where is Dustin’s dad? Hmmm. He’s obviously not always sleeping in his recliner unlike Ted Wheeler.

Murray Bauman

Murray just KNEW something was going on but it was far more than he ever imagined! Also, he’s pretty good at playing matchmaker. But, I think we have seen the last of him. His goal was to bring down the lab and Nancy wanted to bring closure to Barb’s parents, both of those goals were met and he strictly told Nancy and Jonathan to never seek him out again. Personally, I think his work is done.

Kali (Eight)

Kali was introduced for a reason, I don’t feel like she’s done yet and highly suspect that she’ll be back to find her “sister”. Kali holds a lot of hate inside of her which we can understand to a point but hopefully she’ll decided the criminal life isn’t for her. I feel like she was honestly hurt by Eleven leaving, and not just because she planned on using her abilities to help gain her revenge. No one can know or understand what she went through like Eleven can. Will we see more lab subjects show back up in the future?
Okay, it’s already been said that Will Byers will get a break in season three. What do you think the new plot will be? What’s going to happen to Steve? I loved Steve’s character development this past season. He mentioned he wasn’t smart enough to get into college and will probably just work for his dad to take a year off in order to wait in Nancy to go to college but now that Nancy has moved on, what will Steve do? I think he’d make a great asset to the sheriff’s department. Comment and let me know what you think and discuss!

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