Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition Switch Review

“One shot can change History” in Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition using your arsenal of weapons you set out to do just that. Sniper Elite 3 was released originally on June 27th, 2014 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Pc. This Ultimate Edition Is available on Nintendo Switch On October 1st.*

Bread and Bullets: You play as OSS officer Karl Fairburne during the North African Campaign of World War II.

Sniper Elite 3 has a six hour campaign comprised of the 8 base missions and 4 dlc missions. During the course of the game you sneak kill, snipe and burst the organs of Nazis with intentions on taking Africa in 1942. These 12 missions can be completed solo or in online and local Co-op. This was my first encounter with the Sniper Elite series and the 30+ deaths I suffered through the first few levels shows. Do not try running and gunning! This series thrives on stealth and well placed shots using both good positioning and if you can manufacture it sound obstruction. So many times I got the perfect shot off only to get swarmed because I didn’t sabotage a nearby generator to mask the sound. You also have to a heart beat monitor on screen that can dictate how accurate you will be once you aim down your sights. 

The added Gyro controls ramps up the tensions of getting that perfect shot off.

XRays Galore: I have to make an separate segment on the Xray feature of Sniper Elite. This is my favorite gameplay feature. Everytime you line an unsuspecting enemy in your sights you get to watch your bullet penetrate wherever it pleases. Watching bullets crack bone and organ alike was so enjoyable I would squeal with delight every time I hit a organ I hadn’t hit yet. It’s like a game of reverse operation. I can’t stress this enough the game more than earns its M rating off of this feature itself. Another thing that separates the Switch port from the others is Gyro controls. In almost every other switch games I would turn then off immediately here they work fantastic. I discovered halfway into the campaign I was far more accurate moving the joy-cons in the direction of where I was aiming. Your mileage may vary in regards to motion controls but I would definitely check it out in the shooting range before writing it off completely.

Xrays show the damage your Shots give off bones and organs are all at your mercy. Aim your shots and then watch the destruction unfold.

Stray Rounds: In addition to the Campaign there’s a survival wave mode. There’s a multiplayer mode that across several maps includes deathmatch, capture the flag, and distance king: a mode where the only thing that counts forwards winning is how far away the person you killed is. There’s also one more co-op mode called overwatch where one player is the sniper and the other his trusty spotter. There is no split screen co-op and the servers were offline pre-release so I didn’t get to try any of these modes out properly.

Survival mode places you on maps with waves of enemies hunting you. You no longer have time to line up quiet shots. How many rounds do you think you and a friend can last?

In Conclusion, Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is a  perfect third person shooter for the switch. The mobility plus the short mission structure makes this perfect for daily commutes and nighttime play sessions. While I’m used to more fast paced shooters this was a great change of pace. Having to monitor your heart rate and breath pattern to prepare a shot never got old. This is a game I would recommend to any Switch owner looking for a new shooter for the holiday season. You get great bang for your buck and its replay value is high if you get a friend or two and knock out any of the co-op or multiplayer offerings.  4.5/5

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition was Developed and Published by Rebellion. Its Available to purchase and play on Xbox, Playstation, PC, and Switch. Switch MSRP is $34.99

*Review Code Provided by Rebellion

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