Rocket League Update

Rocket League has rolled out with a few new substantive and quality of life updates this week.  Psyonix has also recently ended the previous Rocket Pass and announced its successor along with many of the items that will accompany it.  The sixth competitive season of RLCS also ended a few weeks ago which saw Cloud 9 win with a bracket reset against Dignitas.  Regardless of your involvement or playstyle, it has been an exciting year for Rocket League with great matches, new game elements, and newly adapted techniques used at high levels of play.

The most recent patch, V1.56, adds new music, new XP mechanics, and optimization for XB1 users.

-The new Rocket League x Monstercat was released adding 6 new songs into the mix.  The album is also available for purchase at digital retailers.

-11 flags were added to the garage which includes Monstercat and three new community options.

XB1 Optimization:
-General 4K support was added along with several customization options including side-by-side comparison screens.

-XP per second in all modes increased by 40%.
-Win bonus was increased from 50 to 100.
-You now earn 2 xp per touch on the ball limited to one touch per second.

-Skill leaderboards were added for extra ranked modes.
-MMR data will now be applied to extra ranked modes starting with season 9.
-Ranked placement matches now count towards bronze rewards.
-The crate opening sequenced has been redesigned and is now faster.

A full and inclusive patch list can be found here:

Rocket Pass 2

After feedback from the players, a greater variety of items will now be featured within the premium version of the second rocket pass.  Pro Tier (level 71 and up) will now always drop a painted item with an additional 25% chance to drop a special certified item. In addition to the 40% increased XP rate mentioned above, the weekly wins bonuses have been increased from 14 to 21 to aid casual players’ advancement.  Some of the new items are showcased in the video below.

Regardless of your playstyle in Rocket League, these updates are aiming to improve the experience of all players.  Some issues are still unknown however, most notably the RocketID mode allowing full cross platform party systems.

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