The March update for Rocket League is now live!  The most anticipated change is that you can now trade-in blueprints for higher rarity blueprints similar to the original trade-in system.  These blueprints however must all be from the same rarity and series for it to work.  The mechanics work exactly as the original item trade-in method did meaning you’ll have a new screen pop up with all applicable items for trade.  The new system includes up to Black Market rarity for trading in 5 exotics.  Gained blueprints can also be certified, painted, or special edition.


Many of the default settings have changed to fit with the more heightened skill sets at earlier ranks from newer players.  Among these changes are camera, camera shake, deadzone, dodge deadzone, vibration, and some interface options.  These options will now be the new default, but won’t affect any custom setups you have unless you manually restore your controls to default settings.  There is an option to enable legacy controls if you so desire.


New balance has been added to the sound settings.  This includes a low mode for playing at low volumes, loud environments, and with low quality speakers.  The High (Theater) setting is used for high volume on a high quality set-up.


Additional changes include DirectX 11 being enabled by default, Spike Rush as a mutator preset, and Discord support.


Full patch notes along with bug fixes can be found here. GGs


Don’t forget to check out the remainder of RLCS Season 9 on Twitch!





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