The First day of Rocket League’s summer bash is over and I had an opportunity to try out the new mode Ghost Hunt. It got the 80s in me all riled up to try out this Ghostbusters inspired game mode. If you haven’t seen the release trailer for the event, check it out! If you like the 80s whatsoever you won’t be disappointed.

Who you gonna call?

Ghost hunt is another non traditional fun mode in which two teams of three players attempt to place the ball in the other teams containment zone. You can attempt to get the ball there by any means necessary, but there are a few additions and obstacles that will both help and stand in your way as you try to do so.

Don’t cross the streams…

Added to your arsenal is the proton pack, a new activated item (think rumble) which is only useful within a certain proximity to the ball. If you are close enough the proton pack will grab the ball almost like the magnet from rumble, but with a little more strength to it. As long as no one else contests you with another beam, you can drive, fly or trick shot your way to the enemy’s containment zone.

The proton pack works differently then the magnet however, and there are a few things to take note of. First, for the most part, the proton pack keeps the ball at a rough fixed distance from your car and will move with you during a flip or air roll. Second, that position won’t change much unless someone else with a proton pack contests you, in which case a power struggle will occur, or someone hits the ball out of your control. The acute control during air roll allows for some interesting trick shots, especially if you glide over the top of the containment field and spin-drop the ball. Finally, similar to the spikes, you may cancel the proton pack prematurely, and this is in my opinion what will separate basic from advanced play.

There is no Soccar only Zuul!

If the ball goes too long without being hit or proton-packed by a player, it will eventually lose momentum and begin to drag down and float to the same state it is in during the kickoff position. This will mess with faster and higher ranked players more as it will interfere with long distance prediction, hit prediction, and pre jumps or long distance launches. In a fast enough match however it may only happen once if that.

Once you have the ball in the enemy’s containment field, you have two seconds before it counts as a goal. It will hover slightly off the ground making power shots, the proton pack, and pop shots ideal for making saves. I prefer to treat this time as a joust and either use my car to block others, or to try and demo my way to safety.

Ghost hunt is a special limited time mode available only during the first month of Summer Bash so make sure you play it before it disappears! And don’t forget to play it with the boys!

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