The Needed and Deserved Update

Psyonix dropped some exciting news today as it announced the launch of the eagerly awaited “Friends Update.” Launching on February 19, the Friends Update will allow true cross-platform grouping amongst all consoles and PC. In a previous update, Cross-platform play was realized, but it lacked the ability to manually group up with players from other systems. Psyonix’s latest update addresses this, adding Rocket League to the short but (hopefully) growing list of games with this feature.

Cross-platform partying will be enabled by assigning each user a unique RocketID. The RocketID will consist of your username and four randomly assigned numbers. Psyonix has also added the ability to change the username portion at any time. Your friends list will also now be broken down into several different tabs for convenience. These tabs will include native platform friends, RocketID friends, a players encountered list, and a notifications area.

Clubs created on a specific platform will now be available to members on all other systems as well. This will allow you to essentially create cross-platform guilds for the widest area of inclusion possible. The previous club limitation of one still applies, so as it stands you may only belong to one club at a time.

End of Season 9

The Friends Update will also mark the end of competitive season 9 for Rocket League. This will effectively dole out the rewards for the highest placement this season. You still have a few days left to grind out those rewards!

GIF of Season 9 rewards

Additional Features

Finally, there will be a few new features added. An in-game display will now illuminate your remaining weekly win bonuses to avoid confusion over how many are left. Dropshot, Snow Day, Hoops, and Rumble will now be added to Free Play to enable solo practice in those modes. New Crates, new music, and the latest rounds of bug fixes will roll out as well.

Rocket League Season 9 wheel display

Here Comes the Next Challenger

This is a pretty big step forward for Rocket League and gaming in general. Hopefully this is a precedent and many of the games we all love will continue to break the bonds of platform restraint. Until then updates like these will continue to give a taste of what the future of gaming may just hold in store for us.

I’ll look for you on the field Nerds!

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