In a continued effort to break through the true cross-platforming barriers, Rocket League has now joined Fortnite as the second game in this generation to be truly cross-console. Implemented on 14 Jan 19, Rocket League was entered into Sony’s cross-play beta system, which allows matches not only between consoles and PC, but also between consoles, and any mixed variation in between. This is good news for gamers in general as the reality of breaking the wall between platforms looms ever closer.

While this is exiting news, limitations still exist for the moment. While obstructions to matchmaking are now a thing of the past, creating parties between platforms is still unavailable but intended for the next update branded RocketID. As far as intra-platform features are concerned, voice chat and trading are a different aspect altogether and may not be supported at all in the current generation. This is not completely unexpected however, as Fortnite cross-play carries limitations on game functions as well.

Anyone familiar with the issue knows that Sony is the holdout of the current gaming generation. Having flipped on many stances and console functions this time around that they were once praised for, it was expected after numerous announcements that cross-console play would not be optional, albeit technically possible. After enough pressure, Sony changed their tune and implemented their cross -play beta program. And now, after a few days of combatting players of all platforms, my personal experience has shown no issue battling against anyone from any platform; only the errant “person who doesn’t have the internet speed required to play competitive online games but still decides to queue up anyway,” problem.

Still, this is a leap across an otherwise previously inacessible divide for the world of gaming and one can only hope that this becomes the standard, rather than the exception. Optimistically, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will continue to work together in the future to make this a more than a just a breakthrough, but a golden standard so we can all enjoy playing our favorites games together. After all, isn’t that what online gaming is supposed to be about?

What games would you like to see added next to full cross-platform compatibility?

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