RLCS Season Nine

Get ready for another round of Rocket League’s premiere championship event RLCS!  Announced on the 22nd of January, this marks the ninth official grand tournament consisting of Rocket League’s most elite players.  And after success with a ten team configuration during the Rival Series, RLCS will now follow suit and feature ten instead of eight teams this season.  This season will start on the first and second of February for North America and Europe respectively.  All RLCS events can be watched on their official Twitch channel.


Here Comes a New Challenger

Well they aren’t new challengers so to speak, but both Oceania and South America are returning this season with their own tournaments.  The Oceanic Championship will be broadcast by Lets Play Live,  while the South American Grand Series will be broadcast from Rocket Street Live.  Both regions will see a boosted prize pool this year.


Lucky Lanterns Event and Thoughts on Stages

The first Lucky Lanterns event celebrating the Lunar New Year is well underway.  It features a brand new stage and new token items to grind for.  So far, the stage is being well received as an arena type.

Hopefully, more new stages will continue to brought in and not just in standard formats.  Rocket Labs and other nonconforming stages brought a breath of life into the game, but were not received well. This was largely due to people not being able to predict how the ball was going to react on an incline or another odd surface.  When you take a look at other competitive games, stage dynamics are often part of the challenge.  Being able to mentally track several aspects at once is the heart of competitive play as well as the nature of video games themselves.  At this point, I think we’re well past the need for stages to be standardized, at least for non-competitive play.




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