Remnant:  From the Ashes will be seeing new content called the Swamps of Corsus.  Starting on 28 April 2020, PC players will be the first able to purchase and download the new areas for $9.99.  PS4 and Xbox One content will be released at a later date yet to be announced.  If you haven’t picked up the game at all yet, a bundle which includes the Swamps of Corsus will be available.


In case you missed it, Remnant: From the Ashes was a mashup of sorts featuring the mechanics of popular looter/shooters such as Borderlands with the gameplay style of the Souls type series.  It saw a decent success for a relatively quiet launch and still has a fair number of players due to the procedurally generated bosses which make each playthrough (hopefully) different.

Swamps of Corsus will upgrade the preexisting area while adding additional content to it.  The new DLC includes new weapons, mods, dungeons, bosses, enemies, and a new survival mode.  Survival mode will see your character spawning with just a pistol and a specific amount of scrap.  It will be up to you to manage your resources and your success hinges on it because once you die, that’s it.  Each character in survival will suffer permadeath upon defeat.  Rewards(explained later) earned in this mode are account wide so any standard character you have along with any other you generate will receive the rewards earned in survival mode.

To last in survival mode you will obviously have to have a certain degree of knowledge where bosses are concerned.  The biome you will start with and travel to and the bosses you encounter will be random.  You will need to explore to find upgrades to increase your survival rate while gaining experience along the way.  Each level earned will also see your basic stats increase further expanding on your survivability.  Along the way you can come across survivor traits which alter the gameplay, but to what extent is unknown at this time.

You cannot just take your time in this mode however, there is a clock which only stops when you are resting in the Labyrinth.  While you are in the Labyrinth however, you can use this time to check out vendors and resupply yourself for more upcoming terror.  This terror takes the form of an ever advancing difficulty that responds to either too much time passing, or the death of a boss.  No boss will be fought twice until all bosses have been exhausted and you shouldn’t ever fight them in the same order.

As you lose everything after death, there is no advantages to starting over.  You are however, granted more scrap for your next starting character dependent on your performance. You will also find items called glowing fragments which are used to purchase appearance based armor skins.  These shards will also be available on other modes if you play on hard, nightmare, or apocalyptic in lesser quantities.  For competitive players a statistic screen will tell you how well you performed after each death.

For more information, you can visit their website HERE!


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