The staple game of Battle Royals, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, continues to experiment and live in a very competitive environment. The developers continue to update the game and provide new experiences for their fanbase. This was the main focus of PUBG Labs. A testing ground to experiment with different settings and beta new features and modes before they go live. Well, this weekend only (September 4 2020-September 7 2020) players can now try out the latest test: Faction Warmode.


What is Faction Warmode? Well, it’s different from the normal “where we jumping bois?” style that made the game famous. Rather this is a team on team match set on the Sanhok map. Also, players will not be jumping in empty-handed. Rather they will choose from different “Spawn Kits” or classes that are seen in other shooter games. Each team works to earn points and achieve the highest score. But it’s not a 4v4 squad match, no Faction Warmode is 8v8.


This match can be played in both first and third-person POV. While all matches are fought on Sanhok, players can expect different weather conditions to affect the battlefield. Like all deathmatches, the match takes place in a small Safe Zone with the dreaded blue wall surrounding the area. Teams can win one of two ways; reach 200 points first or have the highest score at the end of the 15-minute time limit. Players earn points by killing an enemy player, downing an enemy, and reviving a teammate. But players can also have a negative impact on their team as they lose points for downing or killing a teammate and being killed by your own grenade or falling. 


The Spawn Kits that a player can choose are the traditional kit classes; Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout. The Assault Kit consists of the M416 with a red dot, the R1895 revolver, a Level 1 vest and helmet, ammo, and bandages. The Medic Kit consists of the UMP with a red dot, a sawed-off shotgun, a level 3 vest and helmet, ammo, First Aid Kit, Med Kit, painkillers, an adrenaline Syringe, and a Critical Response Kit. The Critical Response Kit allows a player to revive a downed teammate at a faster rate. The Support Kit consists of the S12K shotgun with a red dot, Skorpion SMG, Level 2 vest and helmet, ammo, a Frag Grenade, and bandages. Lastly, the Scout class has the Kar98K rifle with a 4x Scope, a P18C pistol, a level 1 vest and helmet, a ghillie suit, ammo, and bandages.


Now, this is a trial mode so it does have the notion issue where when a teammate reconnects to the game while dead, others in the team may be unable to see the UI which indicates they’re a part of the same team.


So be sure to update your game, log on and return to the battlegrounds.

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