Before starting on this game, I had never heard of it. I’m upset at myself for that. As a fan of MechAssault, Robotech, and Gundam, I can’t believe I missed the chance to get hyped for this game. For fans of these franchises, Project Nimbus is the game for you.

GameTomo has developed an immersive storyline that takes place in a post global event that has left the world unlivable. People have grouped together in factions and fight against one another with Battle Frames, humanoid-mechs that allow for pilots to take the fight to the air and enact unimaginable damage.


Playing more like a season of the Gundam anime, Project Nimbus keeps you engaged with the pilot that you choose by providing your pilot with a voice during the cinematics. Each pilot has their own personality and you quickly figure out your favorite before another one comes along, and you fall in love with that character. Pilots aside, their Battle Frame’s pretty much take on lives of their own. Every Frame has a main weapon, and a secondary (more powerful) weapon. These weapons give your Frame a sense of character as well.


The environment is HUGE. When you are piloting mechs that are hundreds of feet tall within a flying city, and then you fly into the air, the level is almost endless. You must rein yourself in from going out too far and fighting hostiles because it is very easy to lose yourself in the one-on-one battles and, before you know it, you’ve lost the war.

Overall Gameplay

The tutorial at the beginning of the game serves as a great way to learn the game and stay on top of the controls. Disguised as a mission, it makes learning the controls easier because it puts you right in the thick of it. It makes great use of the layout of the controller and makes each action second nature. Just as previous mech games before it, Project Nimbus utilizes strafing, dash movements, and flying to make you feel more engaged with the battle. If you can get through the tutorial, and you can master the controls by the second stage, you are going to own this game. The difficulty does get harder, but it’s all in how you memorize the controls for this one. Most tough spots can be sidestepped by strafing or simply engaging all enemies at once by targeting them and releasing missiles.

Let’s not forget the HUD (heads up display) in general. You need to pay attention to the fact that your shields, map, and objectives are your friends! Also, there were plenty of times that I was playing the game, enemies kept coming out of nowhere, and I wasn’t paying attention to my HUD. PAY.ATTENTION. Your HUD tells you how far an enemy is from you which, in a game that is as open as this is, is a HUGE help. It’s very easy to lose how vast the area you are engaging in combat truly is.

One of the absolute BEST things about this game is the graphics. They were scaled down so that you can play them on the Switch but they are still mind-boggling. This game looks BEAUTIFUL on the Switch and keeps its epic-ness in terms of overall graphics and camera views. YES. For those that have played Project Nimbus before, they have also kept the cock-pit view! It makes the game ten times harder but is completely worth it for all mech fans. You feel like you are in the pilot seat and taking aim at the enemy. Any game that makes me feel like the fate of my nation is in MY hands deserves proper recognition.

I for one can’t wait to get a sequel to this masterpiece. GameTomo has made Project Nimbus another reason to own a Switch and they have ported it over beautifully. If I could recommend a game that combines my love of Gundam/Mechs, sci-fi, anime, and epic story-telling, Project Nimbus would be that game. I’ve taken the liberty of creating a “higlight” reel, of sorts, to not give too much away…but enough to help give you an understanding of what I mean.

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