Petoons Party is a great family friendly game with lots of fun, frustration, and laughter.  I had my children play this first, and what a treat it was for them!  They usually fight when playing any multiplayer game, but even after a full half hour they were still gleefully playing.  My youngest did get frustrated but only because her older siblings were better at the mini games than she is.  Not a single fight occurred, nor has it in the time they have played since that first game.

So I decided to go ahead and play against the AI myself to get a feel. I recommend not playing solo as the other 3 slots are then filled by the AI and they’re pretty ruthless.  The concept is pretty simple, a main game set with mini side games that are much more challenging. It’s fun and silly and strange and different and worth it if you have kids on the younger side.  Even my wife got into playing it with some of the kids and had a blast.


There are options at the start to customize your petoon but it requires game play to unlock them.  All of the game has pleasantly colorful displays.  It’s full of color and that helps especially for the younger kids. It’s not garish or glaringly bright colors, but definitely enough to make it visually interesting and unique.


The mini games require unlocking through game play, but they are all such a blast to play. Each mini game shows you what the control methods are prior to allowing that mini game to start.  At first this is good, and it’s good for new or infrequent players. But if you’re trying to move things along it just gets annoying.  One of the really fun parts of the mini games is that you can affect your fellow players through kicking, pushing, blocking, or throwing things around on them.  Of course, they can do it to you as well so beware. The mini games are not easy to win.

There’s a story mode “board” and a Kimera Island “board” which differ. The Kimera Island one is a ‘fight’ if you will against the evil Kitra and protect the precious petoon island.  You can have up to 4 players. I enjoyed the challenge from the AI, though I do frankly and honestly think the game cheats just a little bit.  Still, it’s such a fun and enjoyable game it doesn’t bother me.


I wasn’t bothered by the sound and music, which for me in games that have any kind of repetition is a big deal. Normally I can’t stand the music and if the sound is remotely repetitive after about 10 minutes I turn it off. I commend the developer for this incredible feat of magic.

If your child can hold a controller and understand which buttons to press, they can play this game and have loads of fun.  Even better if you can join them. For parents with lots of kids (like me) having them enjoy a game together is a real blessing.  My whole family enjoys this game. It’s hard to offer higher praise than that from me.


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