This being my first PAX, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was fortunate enough to demo some amazing games today and look forward to playing more over the coming days!

War Tech Fighters

If you like Space Mech Brawlers, than this game is for you! It features fluid space combat, a lot of customization options and plenty. With several different mechs and a lot of weapons, you can try a lot of loadouts to find new ways to dispatch your enemies. If you are a fan of mechs, keep an eye out for this game later this year.


Subdivision Infinity DX

Fast paced space dogfighting is what Subdivision Infinity DX is all about. The ship I played with handled really smooth. I am impressed by the space dogfighting because it felt natural and I had a chance to catch up to my opponents. One thing that struck me as unique was that you can strafe side to side in the ship. The strafing isnt just short bursts either. If you like small spacecraft combat, check this game out! 

Projection: First Light

This is a unique platformer. The art style is inspired by shadow puppets which lends to the core mechanic of the game which is moving a light source around to cast shadows that are used in platforming. I like games that have a unique art style and unique mechanics. Projection has both. The controls are simple and intuitive. If you are a fan of platformers then I recommend you check out Projection available on Apple Arcade!


Obey Me

For those of you that like isometric brawlers, Obey Me is a game you should check out. It features local co-op with the second player playing as Monty, the dog/ hell hound companion of of the portagonist Vanessa. You will battle hoards of demons and monsters with fast paced combat and teleportation attacks. Obey Me will be out this Summer on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Check it out!


This game caught my eye immediately since I am a fan of stylized graphics. The game play is a lot of fun. There are four playable characters that each have their own function (tank, dps, control, etc). You will battle hoards of monsters that have overun the town of Darksburg. If the monsters get the best of you, you will get knocked down until one of your teammates revives you. The combination of isometric brawler and survival horror works really well here. Look out for Darksburg on PC later this year!


My first thought when I played Bloodroots was “WOW!” The main point of this game is to savagely beat your enemies in as many unique ways as possible while stringing combos together as well. Taking a single hit will drop your foes but also drop you. That’s ok though since you  respawn at the nearest checkpoint with a very quick load time. Your weapons don’t last very long either, but if your tools of the trade break, you vcan use your fists, so it’s all good. The art style is well done and lends itself well to creating the “Weird West” setting that the the developers were going for. Bloodroots is a can’t miss and will be out this Summer on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, so check it out!

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