Most people that know me understand that I have a general love for all things mech. So when this game fell in to my lap, having never heard of it before, I was genuinely excited. From what I had seen, there was a huge array of customizations and mech-types. With that, I installed the game on Xbox One and started to play.

 Upon starting the game, I wanted to start off with Watchbot, since he looks so much like Optimus Prime. However, and I don’t know why but, his scarf made him look even cooler. Almost as if he has a style all his own. Immediately I was drawn into the storyline. It’s as if someone mashed together Robotech, Pacific Rim, Gundam, and Real Steel and then gave you the reins to end all monsters. It’s fantastic! You start the story mode by choosing one of 12 mechs and, from there, you start your first mission as a world renowned mech wrestling champion that has now been recruited into the world armed forces to battle the Earth’s monsters.

The game begins slow enough by learning the controls in a few easy enough missions. You then get surprised with the customizations elements that you earn and equip in the garage. Not only do you earn cosmetic customizations, you also earn weapons and new attacks. With these attacks comes more damage you can dole out to more difficult monsters.

 The reality of this game is that it can go so many ways. Depending on who you start the game with, you can customize to your liking with the pieces you earn. The storyline is pretty straight-forward and gives you the feeling of being in charge of your mech, while also allowing you to customize to your liking. With the addition of the Season Pass for the game, it’s opened up so many more possibilities with customizing. Four extra mechs and 16 new skins (with 16 legendary skins. That I was totally not ready for!) really helps the game feel like the experience is unique to you. To date, I’ve received one skin and it has given me a completely new experience.

I haven’t been able to play the 2-4 player co-op mode, yet, but I can only imagine the fun quadruples with it. I’ve seen gameplay and am so excited to get someone on it with me. Modus has done an incredible job in bringing big fun to big robot/monster fights. I for one can only hope to get a second installment to expand on the story and bring in more pilots, as well as mechs.

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