What are we waiting for?

Holiday 2020, that’s what we’ve been told by both Sony and Microsoft. Holiday 2020 is the release date for the next generation of gaming consoles. Anyone that’s been following gaming for a while knows “holiday” more than likely means November, it’s right before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and perfectly positioned for Christmas. Sounds great, right? Normally it does, but this year things are different. This year there was no E3, so we didn’t have major console reveals in June like we normally do. The thing is, this is the end of July, soon to be the beginning of August and we’re more than likely three months out from the next generation of gaming.

When can we expect some news?

We’re three months away, and we have absolutely no idea how much these consoles will cost.  We also have no idea how much the games will cost and we don’t have a release date. We don’t have anything but a bunch of teases and a bunch of promises. This lack of communication just isn’t acceptable from two of the three biggest console makers in the world at this stage. Sony and Microsoft are both large enough to have their own platforms where they could announce the price and release date of these consoles and they could have done so already. Instead, we’ve just got a bunch of game trailers and a few gaming demonstrations with devs issuing the usual “we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on” platitudes. The waiting game has gotten old, nerds. It’s time for Sony and Microsoft to stop playing coy and just tell us what they want from us.

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