Rhythm is the name of the game in One Finger Death Punch 2. OFDP2 is a rare sequel, one that retains all of the charm, wit and quirkiness of the original title while adding something new to the mix. The game is a massive step up in terms of the way the game is put together. The variation in locations and enemy variety and the way that the game plays.


OFDP2 is a game that looks simple from the point of view of an onlooker, and at a base level it is. However mastery of its combat requires skill and dedication. Combat in ODFP2 is rhythm based, like The Witcher from 2007. Combat looks simple because there are only two button presses required to cause copious amounts of carnage. Naturally however, things aren’t that easy. There are multiple weapons, enemies and abilities that need to be accounted for when in combat. Enemies glow with certain colors, those colors let you know what kind of enemies they are and how they need to be handled. Dispatching enemies is made all the easier by taking advantage of combat abilities. For instance your laser eyes that will kill all the enemies on one side of the screen. Gems are another feature that modify your gameplay performance by allowing you to slot them into your abilities and drastically increase your combat effectiveness. Button mashing won’t get you very far here, you need to learn to hit, when to hit and how to hit. OFDP2 requires precision, not wanton aggression.


The days of sound in video games being simplistic are long gone and ODFP2 is a much better game as for it. The game has an amazing soundtrack of hard rock, power metal and heavy metal tunes that fit the theme of the world.  The music also lends itself to the blood, gore and violence extremely well. The sound effects of combat like laser eyes charging up and a sniper rifle firing are just as gruesomely wonderful. The impact of every punch, kick, or ability landing can be felt by the player due in large part to this stellar audio design. The voice acting can be a bit spotty at times. However, it’s easy to look past that when everything else is of such a high quality.


OFDP2 keeps its gameplay fresh with randomly generated levels. A diverse assortment of animations and abilities. A wide variety of weapons and enemy types to use them on and a consistent frenetic pace that keeps you on the edge of your seat. You can never let up, never take your finger off the trigger. If you do, you’ll be missing something extraordinary. Nothing in OFDP2 plays exactly the same, especially once you unlock the optional content. There is a co-op play survival tower that’s a remixed version of the single player campaign. Multiple combat upgrades are available, a training mode exists that serves to help you improve your skills and a gauntlet horde mode that swarms you with enemies of increasing difficulty overtime, pushing your skills to the limit.

Final Opinion

I never encountered any game breaking bugs or serious issues with ODFP2. It was a fantastic experience from start to end. There were a few annoyances such as hit detection being slightly spotty at times, strikes not registering when they should, and weapon abilities occasionally not triggering. All in all, it was a fantastic experience that I’d highly recommend!

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