REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Get your throwing stars and smoke bombs ready! Mark of the Ninja: Remastered, a high-definition version of the original critically acclaimed action-stealth adventure, is sliding out of the shadows and onto the Nintendo Switch system on Oct. 9.

In addition to remastered visuals, audio, cutscenes and effects, Mark of the Ninja: Remastered includes an additional story level, a new character, additional items and even developer commentary. The game offers a true stealth experience, putting you directly in the garb of a silent ninja assassin. Check out the newest trailer here.

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered is just one of many creative indie games launching on Nintendo Switch – with more quality games coming to the system every week. To help keep up with all the recent Nindie news, here are some additional updates about indie games on the way, games that recently released and fun news about the world of independent game development you might have missed.

In Other Nindie News…

  • When playing upcoming indie game Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, launching exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Jan. 18, Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51 recently announced that you’ll be able to wear in-game T-shirts based on games from independent developer Devolver Digital. Some of these games include Downwell, Enter the Gungeon and recent Nintendo Switch release The Messenger.
  • The multiplayer arcade smash Killer Queen is coming to Nintendo Switch this winter as Killer Queen Black. At the recent PAX West expo in Seattle, developers Liquid Bit finally debuted the mysterious “Black Team,” a chosen group of elite players that seriously put up a fight.
  • Royal fans who own Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will be able to enjoy Shovel Knight: Showdown, a free expansion to the game, when it arrives on Nintendo Switch next year. The new expansion features 16 playable Shovel Knight characters in one-on-one duels, frantic four-player free-for-alls and cooperative team battles, among other fun gameplay modes.
  • Some recent notable indie launches on Nintendo Switch include Hyper Light Drifter – Special Edition from Abylight, Gone Home from Annapurna Interactive, Bastion from Supergiant Games, Undertale from 8-4, The Gardens Between from The Voxel Agents and TowerFall from Matt Makes Games Inc., which arrives in just a couple of days on Sept. 27.

Nindie Extra

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