It goes without saying that Tiger King has recently become the most talked-about show. It has spawned everything from podcasts to memes, to even remarks from the President. But many have also thought about the idea of a Tiger King movie and who would be cast. Well, Variety leased news about a new show around Tiger King and who is going to play the title character of Joe Exotic. The actor charged with this portraying this truly unique character is none other than the man who stole the Declaration of Independence, Nicolas Cage.  

We’ve seen Cage with a mullet in Con-Air. We’ve seen him as an ex-con in Raising Arizona. So I can only hope that Cage’s portrayal of Joe Exotic will become as iconic as any of his other roles. The rest of the cast has yet to be set.

This new take on Tiger King is based on an article from Texas Monthly. This adaptation is set to be an 8 episode miniseries. The series is being produced by Imagine Television and CBS Television Studios. This team-up has already produced shows such as Why Women Kill and 68 Whiskey. As of the time of writing no network or distribution company as landed the rights yet

While no other casting has been made, Dan Lagana has been attached as the series Executive Producer, writer, and Showrunner. Lagana has seen success as showrunner for the Mockumentary series American Vandal. This along with the versatility and range of Cage as an actor will create a new must series.

But with Joe now cast that leaves questions on the rest of the casting. So we here at ANG want to know who you think will make up the rest of the cast. So gill out your casting chart and share it around.


casting table

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