Many gamers are familiar to the hit game Dead By Daylight, and if you’re not, allow me to fill you in. The game is a survival horror game that sees 4 survivors teamed up to repair generators and escape a killer. The 4v1 mechanic is nothing new, but Dead By Daylight separates this by having the survivors play in 3rd person while killer is 1st person. 

The developers have been continuously updating the game since it’s release with various content. This has ranged from original survivors and killers, bringing Bill from Left for Dead over, and even getting iconic killers like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger into the game. The game even as a presence in eSports.

Many players of the game are aware of the latest DLC that dropped on March 19, Demise of the Faithful. This marked the 12th chapter in the games story. As usual this chapter comes with a new survivor, a new Temple themed map, and the killer The Plague. But some fans saw hints of another character that might be added at a later date, one that true horror fans would know. Then during PAX East the character was revealed.

Hail to the King! The Jeffe will be a playable character and can go up against various monsters and killers. No Deadiets yet though. I can only hope that some of Ash’s smartass remarks will be heard. This is because Bruce Campbell is lending his voice to the role that made him an icon. Ash Williams is set to be playable on April 2, so it’s no April Fools Day prank.

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