A New Era of Pokemon

Hey nerds and Poke fans, there were a few major announcements made in the world of Pokemon last night that we at Alpha Nerds Guild want to update you on. The Pokemon company is fundamentally shaking up the way Pokemon is played and experienced by the fans by offering new products, the first of which is Pokemon Home. Pokehom Home is a new service that’s going to be based out of the cloud. From now on, every pokemon you capture regardless of what game you’re playing will be stored in the cloud and that cloud functionality will allow the Pokemon Masters among us to have access to their constant companions at a moment’s notice.

Progress While You Sleep

Pokemon Sleep was the next announcement, Pokemon Sleep is a mobile game due out in 2020 that will allow you to catch pokemon in your sleep. Yes, folks, you read that right, the Pokemon Company loves and cares about you so much that they’re going to promote your health. A sleep tracker will be implemented through your smartphone that will link to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Go Plus. Pokemon Go Plus is a new peripheral announced that’s intended to track your sleep and link with your smartphone. The full functionality hasn’t been explained but it will tie into you getting rewards and benefits in-game.

Our Favorite Pokemon

Detective Pikachu is coming to the Nintendo switch with a sequel to the DS game. The original DS title ended with a cliff hanger and the switch title will serve as a conclusion to that story, and will also have a different ending than the Detective Pikachu movie. To wrap up the conference other Pokeverse related things were announced such as Pokemon Quest coming to China and Pokemon Masters which is a mobile game that will house every Pokemon Trainer from every single other Pokemon game released. It’s a good year to be a pokemon fan!

Enjoy The Conference in Full

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