A new balance patch has been issued for Streets of Rage 4.  It contains character/enemy rebalances and exploit fixes among numerous other items.  The full list can be found by clicking here.

The developers also recently hosted an AMA over on Reddit, found here, and addressed a long awaited question:  “Will there be DLC for Streets of Rage 4?”  Answer:  “YES, we will but there is no ETA. You guys are awesome and deserve the best so give us time to do things right.”  This is great news for fans of the series.  Hopefully, we’ll see more character additions and more substantive content, but any addition is welcome as the dev team already did a spectacular job to begin with.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out the ANG review on Streets of Rage 4, you can find it below:

Streets of Rage 4 Post Game Review

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