I was skeptical at first. Not because of the artist/writer, but because of how Marvel has treated anything with an X in the name over the past 10 years. The X-titles have been put the ringer and, had the past two years not have happened, I would fear the worst for this title. I’m glad that Marvel has put the mutants back on track and have now started to bring them back to their former glory. That being said, Mr. Liefeld, you have taken the cake.

I would like to talk about the writing style first, as I feel it is important to show how much has gone into this book and character. Major X starts off in the middle of the action. You get brief glimpses throughout the book to give you the backstory, which allows for some very interesting story telling. Nothing is revealed too soon, and the pace is absolutely bonkers (in the best way). Much in the way that the Days of Future Past storyline drew upon the future, this storyline does as well but with a twist. Rob Liefeld has utilized a “pocket dimension” in which mutants can live in peace. By doing so, has already created a ton of questions that I can’t wait for him to explain. For one, the mothercycle?! I’m sure I don’t have to explain WHERE that comes from or why it is already as awesome as it is. Also, I know it is isn’t necessarily considered “art” or “writing” (though one can argue it is BOTH), but the lettering in this issue is GREAT! The fact that we get to see actions in word from is one of the best things about this book. From “CLOK!” and “WHACK!”, to “RRRRRUUUMBLE” and “SLICE!”, the writing and lettering need to be appreciated.

Now, as for the art, I have never been so nostalgic when it comes to older (looking back on books from 2000’s and older) art. Being that Rob Liefeld helped shape the 90’s X-titles with his art style ( I know Jim Lee did as well but, c’mon, this article is about Rob and HIS contributions to the THEN and NOW), I am taken back to when the X-Men were at the top of my saver pile. This book has seamlessly found it’s way into my 90’s X-Men collection without breaking away from the art or story-telling designs of those books. The colors are warm and vibrant and beg to jump off the page. I can’t say enough how truly remarkable it is that the overall feel of this book has led me to dive back into the earlier X-titles of the 90’s, and how gratifying it is to feel that this book has somehow managed to bodyslide from the 90’s to now, without missing a beat. In true Liefeld fashion, he has brought back the pouches, the extreme (no pun intended) cross hatched details, the metallic shading that he continues to capitalize on, and the pulse-pounding 80’s action cinema frames.

I am absolutely pumped to see the second issue. With all the Liefeld-isms in this book (and it being an X-title, you can be sure to know that Major X is going to be a major player in the X-Universe.

Writer and Penciler: Rob Liefeld Inkers: Rob Liefeld with Adelso Corona and Dan Fraga Color Artist: Romulo Fajardo Jr. Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino Publisher: Marvel Comics
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