A Daring Do Space Adventure

I didn’t watch the original, so this is all new territory for me and I have nothing upon which to compare this new series. That’s a bonus in my view.

The Robinson family are aboard their spaceship, on their way to a space community when things go terribly wrong. Involved in a near catastrophic collision, they crash land onto a foreign planet they had no intention of visiting. The pace is fast and there are some good edge of your seat moments. One is when the family are desperately trying to free one of their daughters from a lake that is beginning to freeze over. Time is of the essence and it’s running out, fast.

I won’t give too much away, but for me at least, the discovery of the robot was a game changer. Well for the Robinsons too, I guess. The way the thing was discovered was done so exceptionally well. And if you don’t start to like the robot at some point, then your heart really is ice.


Repairs and Problems

The first season is spent for the most part, upon the foreign planet with the Robinsons, who are trying to get their damaged spaceship back in working order. Lots of things stand in their way. For instance, weather, problems with the ship itself (they find fuel is beginning to leak. But I’ll leave out what is causing the leak and how they fix it). Others include family disagreements. Oh and a small issue of coming across a massive dinosaur type creature hell-bent on eating them all, and much more.

There is one character in there that I loved to hate. There always is, right? She was a right pain in the ass and the woman who played the role did a great job of making her character into this two-faced, sociopathic POS who could very well be the end of the Robinson family.

No matter what decision is made, or how they progress, or the repairs they make upon the spaceship, Murphy’s Law intervenes. Which is realistic, because I don’t know about you, but that bastard law is ready and waiting in real life, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. That Captain Murphy dude has a butt load of explaining to do!

I digress. The challenges they face seem to be insurmountable at times, but they (usually) rally together as a family to tackle them head-on. Sometimes they have success, other times not so much.




Here Comes The But!

BUT, and here’s the crux of it, at least for me. I friggin’ hated what they did with the robot. And by that I mean what the Robinsons did. Yes, the humanoid droid has a sordid past, but it is a machine, acting as it has been programmed to do. That’s just AI, no hard feelings, no love or hate, it just has a job to do. But the majority of the family couldn’t see beyond that, despite the robot putting its body on the line to protect the son several times. So, they basically abandoned it in a cave, simply because despite what he’d done for them, they weren’t sure of its loyalty. That’s not the bad part though. Arguably, the robot also saved the lives of the entire Robinson family on more than one occasion. Including coming back from the cave where he’d been left to rot, of his own volition, to save their lives from certain destruction.



Yes, the robot did knock the father over during another altercation (to stop a woman from shooting it). And that’s what led Will to command the robot to do something that almost stopped me from watching the rest of the series. As soon as I saw what happened to the robot, I think the words I uttered were, “that’s f***ed!” I stood up and walked out of the room.

Had it not been for my wife convincing me to watch another episode the next night (after giving me an absolute ribbing for being such a baby) I wouldn’t have watched any more. However, life goes on and so did the adventure. That said, it wasn’t the last we see of the robot, either. So that was enough to appease me.

Overall, I would recommend the show as it’s a great little adventure that kept me engaged and entertained. I hated what happened to the robot, but that’s my own personal bias, and others may well not agree with me at all.


Where Can I Watch It?

It’s a Netflix exclusive, so if you have Netflix, you can watch a teaser trailer here:



Will There Be A Second Season?

Yes, around Spring-Summer of 2019.

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