We Have all experienced that moment in our lives. You are peacefully going about our lives, care free and blissfully ignorant of the dangers lurking in every nook and cranny around us. When suddenly, our bubble of self assumed bliss is shattered by sheer terror. An eight legged arachnid monstrosity the size of a small car reveals itself in all of its terrible glory. In that moment, we all have the same instinct. Kill it with Fire.

Developed by Casey Donnellan Games, and published by tinyBuild, Kill it with Fire is a comedic first person shooter featuring the perpetually escalating conflict between mankind and its timeless nemesis. The Spider.

The objective of the game if fairly simple. Find the spiders, then kill the spiders. In order to accomplish this goal you will find yourself equipped with an ever expanding array of tools and weapons. Beware however, with new tools will come new spiders. As you start on your journey, you are given a simple clipboard that lists the mission objectives for each area. Your arsenal includes frying pans, firearms, improvised flame throwers, even a weed wacker. Once armed, the hilarity ensues. As you move about each environment you are able to pick and hurl most items you come across, everything from rolls of toilet paper up to big screen TVs, in your quest to defeat the evil vermin which exist solely to provide us with nightmare fuel.

In order to progress in each area, you must unlock doors or containers by killing a specific number of spiders that is displayed on that item. Spiders will come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and behaviors. These include exploding, radioactive, and zombie spiders to name a few. Spiders will run from you and often hide in hard to reach areas. Each area has additional objectives or challenges, usually related to new items you acquire in that area. If you are able to complete all of the optional objectives, you will then be allowed to activate the Arachno-Gauntlet, a special challenge which will see swarms of spiders descend on you. You will be given a specific challenge to complete within a specified amount of time.

At this time, Kill it with Fire is only single play, which was disappointing for me, as this would make an amazing multiplayer game. The other miss on this is that it does not support VR. This game is a natural shoe in for a VR title, but alas, it was not to be. Aside from those two things this is a great casual game for any age. The art style and music fit in well and are not to jarring. Playing this game for more than an hour or two may lead to a sense of repetitiveness, so take it in doses. Expect completion of the games objectives within ten hours. Currently Kill it with Fire is available via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

My overall score for this game is 4/5. It is a great casual afternoon game when you do not want to play anything serious or difficult.

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