The Wonderul World of Game Pricing

Gaming is a wonderful hobby, but it’s also expensive. Consoles themselves can cost upwards of 400 dollars. Games can run you between 40 and 60 dollars depending on the type of release. Most games aren’t worth the price of admission given the fact that they’re so short. A mere 4 to 6 hours is about the norm these days. As a result, gamers are skeptical, publishers and developers promise and then don’t deliver. Game trailers look amazing, but the end result is so much less than what we were promised. To make matters worse, most stores have a return policy that states you can’t return games and get your money back. Instead of getting a full refund, stores either offer you a pittance of what you originally paid or just offer to give you another copy of the same game. Instead of deciding to continue suffering through the russian roulette that was game buying at major retail stores, I found an alternative.

Your New Game Shopping Hub

Humble Bundle is a website dedicated entirely to selling games. Originally starting as a hub for indie games to get punished and noticed, Humble Bundle quickly evolved. This evolution led to Humble Bundle being in the state it’s in today. A state where Humble Bundle is able to provide everything from indie games to triple A big budget releases at a reasonable price.

How It Works

Humble Bundle has a tiered system, just like progression in your favorite video game. Humble Bundle offers a list of game titles all bundled together. In order to get access to those titles, you have to pay a fee. The more you pay, the more games you get. At first, I thought this pricing structure was too good to be true. I thought I’d have to spend copious amounts of money to get any kind of quality titles. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Humble Bundle offerings start at a dollar and go up as high as you like. You can choose how much you pay. If you pay over the average price for a certain tier, you get everything from that tier and everything below it. As an example, if Humble lists a 1 dollar, 5 dollar and 15 dollar tier, I have a choice between those tiers. If I choose the 5 dollar tier, I get everything from that tier and the 1 dollar tier. If I choose the 15 dollar tier, I get everything in the bundle all together. Most bundles come with well over 10 games that give you far more than your money’s worth.

Different Bundles

Humble Bundle isn’t just a game bundle service. Humble Bundle offers amazing products through its service. Computer software, video games, books and audiobooks just to name a few. Humble Book bundles come in varieties from science fiction to education. Audiobooks help people to relax after a long day. Computer Software provides access to software that most people wouldn’t have been able to get on their own. The video game bundles give access to games that people probably wouldn’t have been able to afford without a serious price drop. However the most important thing to note is that there are the standard bi weekly bundles, and the Monthly bundle. The Monthly bundle is a subscription service, for 12 dollars a month you get games, just like in the normal bundle, but these subscription titles often come with special bonuses and rewards that makes them worth owning.

Save Yourself Some Money

Humble Bundle can be a fantastic solution to gamers that are on a budget. They offer titles for Playstation, Nintendo Switch and PC. They have frequent sales and there’s always a bundle available for purchase. No matter what you’re looking for, Humble Bundle has something to offer.

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