♫Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog
Now we got ears, it’s time for cheers♫

Hot dogs are loved by all!  Especially; my children – and me.  Hot dogs are best made by people who know how to make them!  And you have to make hot dogs that are pure beef; not that crap that is all nitrates and the whatnot.  And then you have to make the hot dogs the right way!  And there is only one way you can make them if you don’t have a hot dog steamer (and let’s face it, unless you are a professional baseball team you do not have one)!

Currently; my wife has me eating the Kirkland Brand All Beef Hot Dogs; they are almost as good as Ball Park – eh who am I kidding they are just as good!

Cooking the best hot dog is a little time consuming in a fast paced world – it takes 10 minutes.  Don’t fret – it’s worth it.  Just like anything else that comes to those that have to wait: Happiness!

First you need to boil a pot of water.  Get it good and rolling.  Boil your dogs for 4-7 minutes.  Keeping dogs in pot, dump water, and then transfer pot back to heat sear the hot dogs to your desire.  The best cooked dogs ever.

The best dogs require good toppings!  I always use Ketchup, Mustard, Onions, and Relish.

Now why would I write about hot to make the perfect hot dog.  Is it really that important?  Obviously, it is a very subjective thing. But let us put it into perspective.  People can eat hot dogs all they want, never knowing the difference of how it is made nor caring about how it is made.  To them it is just a hot dog.

Hot dogs can be a metaphor for life.  People like hot dogs.  People hate hot dogs.  It doesn’t really matter about the hot dog.  What matters is how people like them.  Everyone is different.  Everyone likes different things.  So what is the point?  The point is people should be making their life the way they make their hot dogs.  Making them with care.  Making them the way they want, but at the same time taking the time to make something – even if it is for just a short amount of time.  It is important that the “hot dogs” are their life.  Fulfilling their life to the fullest.

Especially; for us Veterans that come home from war and have no idea what is going on in our lives.  Our lives are full of “mistakes,” or so they would make us believe.  Veterans know how to make their hot dogs, they know how they like them; however, others do not see the hot dog that the Veteran makes as a viable dog.  They are not valued.  When a Veteran fails, the do not get a pass like so many non-veterans do because they “should know better.”  Because they were in the military and should be able to foresee what they do.

Let’s remember that they people that come out of the service are not always prepared for the world.  They are able to protect themselves, and they are good at it.  Their hot dogs are made to order.  They make their hot dogs the way that they know how to, but are uncertain on how to make them for the specifications of other people’s taste.

Tying this all together.  If we teach our Veterans how to make hot dogs that can fit the tastes of others, then Veterans can help themselves make “hot dogs” for others.  Remember if we help those that have been taught to do whatever they want.

Oh yea, my hot dogs are the best!

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