Have you been reading the ANG Facebook page lately? Man, I tell ya, there’s no pleasing some people. First it was pineapple on pizza, then it was PS4 over XBox because ONE game, and now it’s an attack on Christmas!! Fairly recently, we had a scuffle on the page and shots were fired. An individual, whom shall not be named, decided that he needed to tell everyone how Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. The resulting war cost tens of hundreds of man-power minutes. Minutes that could’ve been used to game and feel at one with our fellow nerds. We’re here to right that wrong.

Join ANG in our first ever Holiday Blu-ray Giveaway!! Where we giveaway one of the all-time BEST Christmas movies of all time…Die Hard!! That’s right fellow Nerds. We’re giving everyone a chance to win Die Hard on blu-ray and digital this holiday season. Not only that, but you can also own the BEST Arnold Schwarzenegger movie of ALL TIME, Jingle All The Way! It’s just a coincidence that it also happens to be a Christmas movie.

All you have to do is READ! If you read the articles on the Alpha Nerds Guild website, then you’re already a third of the way there! The other 2/3’s are simple enough. Follow the rules below and you can possibly win a copy!!

  1. Read the articles on the Alpha Nerds Guild webpage.
  2. Find a quote from either Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger hidden in any of the articles starting on November 20th, 2019.
  3. Take a screenshot of the quote and send it to roshawn83rochester@gmail.com

That’s it! You’re entered! If you are the FIRST to find that quote on that page, you will automatically be entered, and guaranteed, to win one of the prize packs! Speaking of which, check them out below!

One Grand Prize winner will receive a Blu-Ray and Digital copy of the Die Hard Collection and Jingle All The Way.

One second place winner will receive a Blu-Ray and Digital copy of Die Hard and Jingle All The Way.

Three third place winners will receive a Blu-Ray and Digital copy of Die Hard.

Now that you’ve seen the goodies, get to reading! We have five of these to giveaway!!

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