From my very first round I was laughing and giggling at Heave Ho. While at some points that turned into frustration directly at trying to complete a difficult level, the fun just didn’t end. Everything about this game is wonderfully goofy, silly, funny, and enjoyable. Except when you’re stuck trying to get that last spot just right to finish the level and you keep missing it. Which is exactly how this game should be. I love it, even if sometimes I hate it.

At least I hate it for the right reason. It’s challenges aren’t always easy to figure out, causing frustration and occasional anger. However, that quickly melts when your nugget with arms goes flailing downward only to receive a comical splatter of color flying back up. The sound is just as silly and adds to the spectacle.  Even after playing all this time I still giggle at that part.

The premise is extremely simple. Your character is a nugget with arms.  Your use the sticks on the controller to move the arms. I still think it’s hilarious to see them sticking straight up, it just strikes me as comical.  The hands are used as your grip, and the rest is made up of rolling and swinging your way to a finish point.  Best of all it’s specifically designed for co-op, so you can share all of your laughter with friends while helping each other make it to that sweet finish flag.

Physics and a good grip are your friend, and a well thought out plan is essential.  That is if you’re not in the silly mood my kids sometimes got into and just want to hear the splatter sound made when you sail awkwardly past the screen edge. Did I mention how humorous that is?  If you don’t have kids, invite some friends over and try it. Perhaps with some adult beverages to enhance the silliness of it all.

Listening to my children squeal and laugh and giggle as we failed or succeeded was priceless. Without knowing it, they’re learning physics, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving.  It’s good clean fun for the whole family.

It’s available on Nintendo Switch and PC.  If you get it on PC, you’ll need some game controllers.  While it has keyboard controls I didn’t enjoy using that method of as it was awkward and uncoordinated, especially in co-op play.  It was significantly easier on a controller and with the way the game plays, you’ll need the ease of use for he more difficult levels.  Not to mention most kids are used to the controllers so it helps them as well.

Good fun for everyone. Laughter and giggles abound. Frustration aplenty, until you finally figure it out and get it right. Mostly, lots of joy for family and friends who play this together. I will be playing this time and time again with my family. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to have a simple concept, but frustratingly fun game to share with anyone. I love it, my family loves it, and I have a few friends I’ll be introducing it to as well.  Embrace the mad fun and laughter, and pick up Heave Ho.

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