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Support Material

We will have information here for you to use as a streamer under the Alpha Nerds Guild flag! We will also have good references to go off of in order for you to research and help with others.

Thank You Alpha Nerds Guild Streamers

We work really hard here in the ANG to make sure that we are here for our members, in order to keep within our mission of serving our Veterans, LEO’s, and First Responders! Please help us maintain our mission!


STREAMER Questionnaire

Please make sure that you fill out the questionnaire. If you are streaming under our name this NEEDS to be filled out.


Logo Download

Please make sure that you are using our logo if you are streaming under our name. This is to ensure that you have the highest quality graphics that share our name.


Overlay Download

We used to make our streamers use our overlay to stream under us for uniformity. This is no longer the case, but we have an overlay package that is available to you if you would like. 


ANG Discord

If you would like to bring in your users to our Discord to talk on your waves this has been set up for you and the rest of the Guild. The Guild provides support as much as possible! 


Alpha Nerds Logo Reveal Video

If you rep the ANG you may want to have this video to show off us as your affiliate at the beginning of your stream/end/whenever; maybe use it as an advertisement!


Alpha Nerds Logo Stinger Logo Reveal

Changing scenes? Want to have a cool video to transition to that? Here you go, this five-second stinger will make your stream look that more polished!


Alpha Nerds Advertisement for your Streams

Need to step away from your stream for a minute or two? Set this video as your advertisement and help us grow!


thANGsGiving Flier

These are the rules and regulations for the thANGsgiving Streamers.  This flier talks about how to submit your donations or your viewers how-to donate.


thANGsGiving Logo

This is the Official thANGsgiving Logo. Yes, make sure that the “t” is lowercase. Marketing is everything people! ANG is what should standout! 


Hands-On Workshops

How to Set Up Your Stream. 

This easy how-to will help you set up your stream for your audience. 


Setting Up OBS Mic Filters

In this video, Alpha Nerds Guild member and streamer Jay covers the basic mic filters you need for streaming.


The Basics: Twitch Channel

In this video Sig covers the basics that all Twitch streamers should have set up for their own Twitch channels. You’ll be able to see how to make sure Twitch is storing your past broadcast so others can watch them when you’re offline and so you can download them to post on other sites like Facebook or YouTube. He also shows you what needs to be enabled so your viewers can make clips during your streams either live or past broadcasts. Finally, Sig shows you the panels on your Twitch channel and talks about the importance of having panels, specially if you’re streaming directly from consoles without a capture card.


Layout Shop

Need a new fresh layout for your stream? There are free streamer and paid streamer layouts in our layout shop! 


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